Freight grows on Frederikshavn – Oslo

The Frederikshavn – Oslo leg has proven to be a success for the Copenhagen – Frederikshavn – Oslo route. Teamwork and collaboration have created success for freight sales for the route.

Crown Seaways' departure at Frederikshavn Few routes have been as hard hit by COVID-19 as those between Denmark and Norway. Now it is evident that the decision to include Frederikshavn in our sailings between Copenhagen and Oslo was a wise one: Even though business continues to be challenged, week 36 exceeded last year’s freight result for the route, and September may be the first full month to do so too. And this is due mainly to our success in attracting freight volumes to our new Frederikshavn – Oslo leg.

“This was done in fierce competition with other transport corridors so a warm thank you to our operations colleagues in Copenhagen, Oslo and on board for delivering customer services that make the difference,” says Lars Kristian Haugen, Freight Manager for the route.

Last Tuesday, we even had a milestone worth celebrating: 1,000 units were shipped to/from Frederikshavn.

Cross-selling A lot of hard work has been put into developing sales and creating cross-selling across the network. With strong support from Erik Jisland in Gothenburg, Christian V Pedersen in Denmark and Thomas Ipsen in Germany, we have already attracted major new customers and see potential for breaking records in the future,” says Lars.

Kasper Hægeland Svenningsen, Managing Director of Ferry in Norway, says: “Thank you to everyone on the route, ashore and aboard, for taking such good care of our customers. Thanks also for great sales and booking numbers and for helping us fully utilise the capacity of the ships at peak departure times. Creativity and collaboration have been great tools for achieving this.”

Kim Heiberg, Route Director, says: “It is great to see freight moving in the right direction at a time when we are really challenged, and I am extremely pleased to be part of a passenger and freight team that accomplishes the impossible for the benefit of the route.”

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