Category management

Food, Catering & Travel Retail

Food and Beverage; Catering and Laundry; Perfume and Cosmetics; Liquor, Tobacco, Confectionary.

Food, Catering & Travel Retail

Road and Rail Transport and Sea Freight, e.g. Haulage Services.


Road and Terminal Equipment; Consumables, Maintenance and Fuel.

Technical Marine

Engines; Lubricating Oil; Paint; Navigation and Communication Equipment; Dry-docking; Service and Repair; Safety and Security Equipment.

IT, FMS and Corporate

IT & Communication; Facility Management; Consulting Services; Work Wear/Uniforms; Back Office Supplies and Travel.


Fuel oil and gasoil contracts for vessels, bunker analysis services.

Ports & Stevedoring

Stevedoring, mooring/ unmooring, Port agreements, Tugboats, Terminal Rent, Harbour Agreements.

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Read and download our latest reports and presentations. On this page you can search for DFDS' report archive, including annual reports, quarterly reports, and reports on corporate responsibility.

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Get information about DFDS’s Group Procurement such as strategic sourcing, operational procurement and suppliers.


Sourcing Process

Read about DFDS' sourcing process from supplier qualification to supplier relationship management.

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Find out more about Group Procurement’s E-sourcing that helps optimise DFDS's sourcing process.

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We are always interested in identifying new suppliers that fit our requirements. If you are interested in working with DFDS A/S, please contact us for further discussions.