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Decarbonisation at sea

Decarbonisation at sea is challenging. Short term, we focus heavily on efficiency –doing more with less fuel. But long term, to meet our net-zero goal, we will introduce new fuels and new technologies for the vessels of tomorrow.

250A8121 - electric truck in dark blue DFDS livery - downloadable asset Media page in About section

Decarbonisation on land

Technologies for decarbonising on land are increasingly mature, and the combination of efficiency and electrification is at the core of our strategy on land.

Olympus Project


Collaboration with partners enables us to achieve faster progress.

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Our Commitments

We believe in total transparency, especially when it comes to our climate impact and the environment.

caring employer

We want to be a caring employer

Sustainable business is about people. We want to ensure well-being for all our employees and support their physical and mental health.

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We want to reduce our environmental footprint

We want to be a responsible neighbour by reducing pollution, waste, and noise in the communities in which we operate.