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Travelling Carbon Neutral

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Travelling Carbon Neutral with DFDS

Sailing with DFDS is a great way to explore Europe and beyond. Plus, it also happens to be much more environmentally friendly than travelling by air. However, we are determined to reduce our environmental impact further. We have set a target to reduce our carbon emissions up to 45% by 2030.

Part of this strategy is to provide carbon offsetting solutions for our customers that travel with us. We have launched a partnership with for customers travelling on our Dover to Calais, Dover to Dunkirk and Newcastle to Amsterdam services. Through this initiative we will be investing in high quality global projects such as afforestation (tree planting) and the prevention of deforestation.

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Our Offsetting Projects

We only work with high standard offsetting projects; therefore, all our schemes meet the Verified Carbon Standard. In addition, to ensure trustworthiness our supplier is QAS Approved. For more information about these energy and consultancy services, visit the websites below.

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Forest Regeneration in Brazil

Deforestation is the number one cause of species extinction globally, and the second leading cause of CO2 emissions. We will invest in projects that work with local communities throughout the amazon rainforest to create sustainable livelihood and support economic development, without jeopardising the forest and its ecosystem.

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Afforestation in UK and Kenya

Trees are vital to regulating our climate and its biodiversity. Forests, woodlands and their trees contribute to the global environment by improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Through photosynthesis, trees absorb carbon which helps to reduce global levels and lower temperatures.

DFDS will support projects in both Kenya and the UK which focus on maximising carbon recapture, provide local habitats, increase biodiversity and offset CO2 emissions.

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Environment - Our Ambitions

Our work currently focuses on these three core areas:

  1. Improve air quality - Operate in a more environmentally friendly and efficient way to reduce emissions of CO2, NOx,SO2 (sulphur) and other particles
  2. Support the Marine Environment - Sustain ocean life, reduce emissions into the sea and support marine research and education.
  3. Being a responsible neighbour - Contribute to a cleaner environment by reducing pollution, waste, noise and light in the communities where we operate

For more information on our corporate responsibility and commitments, please see here.


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