Roman Kadyšev

Roman DFDS has been around for five years. When you visit Athena Seaways, it's fun to see him, because he always meets with a wide smile and gladly agrees to help with any request: he helps to put up posters, poses for an ice cream photo session, or collects Christmas trees. Read more about Roman and his approach to work and thoughts about life in his own words .

MY CHILDHOOD RUN FAST, but it is really rich in memories and adventures. I experienced a real, carefree and full childhood. Grateful to Mom and my beloved Grandmother for that. I AM VERY INSPIRED by life and life experiences. I really like the new dating from which I can get ideas that inspire me. I APPRECIATE goodness in everything. Good people, good jobs - I really appreciate that and I always try to help others without looking for benefits for myself. I appreciate when people trust me, asking for my help. Openness to myself and others is a very important part of my life. THE GREATEST JOY is given to me by my family as well. I'm not a party "lion", I like to spend evenings at home with the most precious people in a cozy home environment. WORK FOR ME as a life for Forest Gamp: “Like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. ”You never know what awaits you, because working at sea is full of surprises. THE MONTH ON THE COAST is a rest rest and a rest again. I try to dedicate my free month to myself and my relatives. We love to travel with our heart, to have fun with the two of us, because we miss each other very much. THE MOST MEMORABLE SITUATION AT WORK happened almost a year ago when, after leaving the port of Karlshamn on a ferry mobile phone, I received a call from shore workers that a late group of 33 people from China finally arrived at the port. I informed the captain of this and by his decision we returned to Karlshamn to pick up the passengers. I had to inform passengers why the ferry was returning to port as passengers began to worry and ask why the ferry was spinning and sailing back. I didn't think long about the text and said in the ship's audio message: "For the attention of the passengers, the ferry returns to the port of Karlshamn for a short time to pick up a VERY important cargo." When 33 Chinese citizens flocked to the front desk, passengers did not stop smiling. However, this was real proof that passengers are the most important thing to us. I am MOTIVATED by the good results of my work, which delight both me and my managers. THE BEST ADVICE I HAVE RECEIVED is to always do more than you are asked to do. DFDS is a 5 year period that has brought a lot of adventure into my life. I have made many good friends with whom we not only work but also spend our free time at home. I gained invaluable work experience. Here everything is different, sometimes the sun shines brightly on the horizon, and sometimes the water mixes with the sky. I can safely say that DFDS has given me every opportunity to improve as an employee and a personality. I am happy working here.

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