blue planet aquarium

Blue Planet Aquarium

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The Blue Planet - aquarium, Image Credit: Bjarke Maccarthy
The Blue Planet - Aquarium in Copenhagen, Image Credit: Bjarke Maccarthy
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Visit the incredible Blue Planet Aquarium in Denmark with DFDS

If you want to do something very special in Copenhagen, we recommend that you go to the Blue Planet Aquarium. This amazing aquarium is the largest in the Nordic region, with its seven million liters of water and over 20,000 fish. After its opening in 2013, The Blue Planet has become very popular and you can experience fish and animals from all over the world.

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From Coral Reefs to Clownfish

The aquarium is divided into eight parts with coral reefs, animals, fish and plant life, as well as the evolution of the animals. One department you should definitely visit is the Ocean. Here you'll find a large transparent tunnel where fish swim both below and above you. Another fun exhibit is the Coral Reef, with its many colorful corals and fish. The Blue Planet has also developed an app that uses iBeacon technology, meaning the mobile content reflects what you see. So when you admire the Coral Reef, your mobile will show exciting and educational content about the life of the coral reef. The app can also be used as a fish encyclopedia, both before and after the visit.

Snake at The Blue Planet

Program and Events

At The Blue Planet you can also experience several activities, storytelling and watching the feeding of the animals.The program is different from day to day, so we recommend taking a look at the aquarium's website to see what's happening when you are there. You can, among other things, join in fishing, investigate squid and watch the feeding of pirate fish.

It is also possible to book tours to see what happens behind the scenes.

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The first public aquarium in Denmark opened in 1939. It was a great success and continued for many years, despite having faced several challenges during World War II. In the mid-1990s, it became clear that modernization and more additions were necessary. Unfortunately, the grounds of the building were protected, so it was impossible to do anything about the original aquarium. After several years of fundraising, the Blue Planet became a reality. The architectural firm 3XN built the mighty design, and 3,000 fish from the old aquarium along with 17,000 new animals were added. In 2013, The Blue Planet was open to the public.

TANG Bistro & Café in blue planet aquarium

TANG Bistro & Café

TANG's fantastic views of the sea make the bistro worth a visit alone, and there are few eateries in Denmark that boast a better location and the Blu ePlanet Aquarium. In TANG, the raw materials follow the seasons, and they are often organic, and come primarily from local producers.

Of course, the menu contains dishes from the ocean's pantry - including delicious fish pieces. If you're feeling extra daring, you can try squid with squid mayonnaise, or a salad with seaweed! However, if you are not very fond of fish, there are plenty of other goodies on the menu, including several of the children's favorites.

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