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Visit the Louisiana Museum

Take the train to Humlebæk! The beautiful Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located 40 kilometers north of Copenhagen.

This beautiful museum is known both for innovative contemporary art and modern classics. Be impressed with both the art and the architecture, both inside and outside the doors. Immerse yourself in the remarkable paintings of Picasso, look for enigmatic sculptures in the park outside, and enjoy the view of the Sound from the museum's own café. If you are traveling with children, Louisiana also has its own children's home.

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At Louisina you can experience works of art by classic international artists such as Warhol, Picasso and Henry Moore, but also new upcoming artists. This is something Louisina is especially known for, namely founder Knud Jensen's sauna principle. The exhibitions are either hot, with well-known artists, or cold, giving way to new and unknown artists. In addition to having a permanent exhibition with over 3000 works, they also have 6-10 unique exhibitions during the year. To get the whole Louisina experience, you also have to take a trip out to the sculpture park and look at the interaction between the view, the nature, the weather and the characters.

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Grab a coffee

After looking at all that the fine museum has to offer, head to the Louisina café and enjoy the fantastic panoramic view of the grounds.

If you are there in the summer, you can enjoy both the food and the view from the large terrace in front of the cafe.

If you are at the museum on a Friday, you should check if they can arrange a Friday lounge on this day. Here you can experience jazz, people and electronic music with live bands in an intimate and informal setting.

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Museum shop

Like the rest of the museum, the store also focuses on modern art and contemporary design. With its two floors, this shop has a lot of fun to offer, so it's easy to pass the time. Here you will find a large selection of designs, books and dupits, as well as cards and posters from previous exhibitions. There are also interesting catalogs based on artists such as Per Kirkeby, Matisse, Norman Foster and Frank O. Gehry.

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A little history

Louisiana opened its doors in 1954. The museum was founded by Knud W. Jensen who had an ambition to teach the Danes about modern art. This was something unknown to the other museums at that time. What was initially a museum with only Danish art, quickly became a museum with international works. This close contact with the international environment has since been one of Louisiana's strengths. The museum has gained status as one of the world's most respected exhibition sites.

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