Torvehallerne, Copenhagen: Photo Kim Wyon

Food markets

Food court, Copenhagen -  Photo Credit: Mikkel Heriba

Fantastic taste experiences in the food markets in Copenhagen

There is something special about the food market. Voices buzz, sweet scents blend into one another, hungry people hunt for that special treat - and in Copenhagen you have more of them!

Are you fond of food and good tastes and like a bit of each? It is no wonder many people are excited about a gastronomic visit to Denmark.

Torvehallerne, Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Robin Skjoldborg


Check out Torvehallerne - Copenhagen's own pantry.

This is a food mecca full of specialties and delicacies, and with its 60 stalls, many people say that this is the best food market in the entire Nordic region.

It is not difficult to find, as the market is centrally located on Israel Square, 100 meters from Copenhagen's largest hub Nørreport Station.

Reffen, Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Martin Kaufmann


Reffen is Copenhagen's new food market with a hall full of street food.

Reffen took over from Papirøen, which proved to be immensely popular.

The location is almost the same, but the offer is bigger. Here you get all type of street food from Mexican pancakes and Indian street food to crispy pig and kaburi sushi.

Broens Gadekøkken, Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Martin Kaufmann

Broens Gadekøkken

Close to Nyhavn, just a short walk across the Inderhavnsbroen, you will find Broens gadekøkken - a street food market with the Street Food District and Noma itself.

Broens is one of the smaller food markets in Copenhagen, but the range nevertheless spans all the way from Asia and to Latin America with dishes such as ceviche, sausages and cream ice cream hand dipped in chocolate.

Broens is an outdoor food market, with a season lasting from the beginning of April to mid October. The opening hours, the food and the immediate proximity to the bustling city life of Nyhavn make the food market the perfect hang-out place for the summer months.

Tivoli food hall, Copenhagen

Tivoli ​Food Hall

In 2017, Tivoli also opened its own Tivoli food hall.

Here there are over 15 stands with various offerings as well as a common dining area with views into Tivoli.

The atmosphere is cozy and the food delicious. Almost all dishes can be eaten with your fingers and you do not have to wait long for the food. You get mostly from breakfast dishes to dinner, and from classic flavors to more experimental flavors.

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