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Restaurants in Frederikshavn


Food experiences in Frederikshavn

Frederikshavn is a lively port city in Denmark, known for its fantastic seafood, cozy streets and as a central point for ferries sailing to and from Norway and Sweden. The city has an exciting selection of places to eat, from traditional Danish taverns to modern international cuisines. In this guide, we recommend some of the best restaurants in the North Jutland harbor city.

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Overview of restaurants in Frederikshavn

Finding the right places to eat in Frederikshavn is a breeze, thanks to the city's compact size and friendly atmosphere. This city offers a wonderful mix of local and international flavors that are easily accessible wherever you are. With everything so central, a culinary journey through Frederikshavn is no more than a pleasant stroll away. Discover everything from family-friendly cafes to romantic dinner spots.

Restaurants Frederikshavn - Det Gule Pakhus

Det Gule Pakhus - Family-friendly and relaxed

For families with children, it is important to find places that are both welcoming and accommodating for the youngest, with a children's menu. In Det Gule Pakhus at Scandic The Reef you can enjoy a pleasant meal in historic surroundings suitable for the whole family. The place is child-friendly and invites you to a relaxed environment where both young and old can feel at home. Here you get local ingredients served in a building full of character, perfect for a family lunch or a gathering dinner after a day in the city.

Restaurants Frederikshavn - Fiskebaren

Fiskebaren Café & Spisehus - Local specialities

Frederikshavn has several specialties that reflect both the region's culinary heritage and abundant access to seafood. At Fiskebaren Café & Spisehus you can experience delicious fish dishes and excellent service in the middle of the pedestrian street. The atmosphere is relaxed, and you can choose to enjoy the food in the cozy cafe, relax in the restaurant section, or sit outside and let the evening sun warm you when the weather is nice.

Restaurants Frederikshavn - Farmors Cafe

Farmors Café - Homely brunch

At Farmors Café you can enjoy a delicious Danish-inspired brunch. With a menu that offers everything from scrambled eggs with bacon to fresh skyr with toppings and a selection of cold cuts and cheeses, there is something for everyone. You will also be served seasonal fruit and freshly baked bread. Then a sweet ending awaits in the form of homemade pancakes for dessert. This is the place for you who want to enjoy yourself with a good start to the day.

For more information, visit the Farmors Cafe website.

Restaurants Frederikshavn - Smøregåsen

Smøregåsen - Authentic sandwich experience

Restaurant Smøregåsen in Frederikshavn offers an authentic experience of the traditional Danish sandwich, known as smørrebrød. The name plays with the old Swedish word for sandwich, 'smörgås', and is a nod to the rich Scandinavian tradition. Here, visitors can expect to find a cozy and family-friendly environment, where they can taste a selection of handmade sandwiches made with love and care for the Danish food heritage.

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