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LEGOLAND® Billund has over 50 rides. Book a trip with DFDS to Copenhagen, and book a stay where you wish to stay. From Copenhagen it takes about 3 hours to drive to Billund and LEGOLAND®, and the world's best mini-vacation. Take your kids on holiday to Denmark and visit LEGOLAND® - with more than 50 activities in eight areas. The heart itself is the well-known and nostalgic miniature formats of well-known buildings, but more modern activities such as rollercoasters, speed-filled carousels and water activities are tempting.

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LEGOLAND® Experiences

A popular attraction in LEGOLAND® is LEGOLAND®Town. Here you glide right into the wild west, with gold digging, Native Americans and gunpowder smoke. A favourite for the kids!

Another popular area in the park is Polar Land, with artificial ice, penguins and snowmobiles. Here you will also find Polar X-plorer, a slide of 498 meters! With a 5 meter drop you really feel it in your stomach! At Ice Pilot School, you can design your own flight yourself!

Decide if you want your trip to be cool, super cool or megacol!

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More about LEGOLAND®

In Miniland, the very heart of LEGOLAND®, well-known landmarks from, among others, Norway, Sweden and the United States are made up of over 20 million LEGO® bricks. Only 1.5 million LEGO® bricks have been used for the statue of the presidents of Mount Rushmore!

The very youngest may well be the best in Duplo®land. Here there are aircraft, trains, playground and carousel. Furthermore, there is also a separate area for knights and princesses, Adventureland with speed and excitement for the larger children.

Pirate Land is an area where pirates are in control - and they are waiting for pirates of all ages! In addition to this, there are both boats and carousels.

legoland miniature village

A Little History...

LEGOLAND® is one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions. Since its inception in 1968, LEGOLAND® has provided fun and enjoyable experiences for the whole family.

The park opened its doors to 38,000 m2 with small houses, landscapes, elevator cranes and sailboats of LEGO® bricks.

LEGOLAND® is built with more than 60 million LEGO® bricks, with the goal of providing guests with a unique experience of play, imagination, creativity and learning.

Every year, over 1.5 million LEGOLAND® visits. Experience LEGOLAND® you too - a sure success for the kids!

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The Ferry to Copenhagen

Feel the holiday feeling creep in as you drive onto the Ferry to Copenhagen! Enjoy the sun's rays and the breeze in your hair during the Oslofjord sail. Let the kids take a dip on deck or go on a treasure hunt before having a delicious dinner.

The next morning you wake up in Copenhagen! If you want to go directly to Legoland®, make a stop in the metropolis on the way back. Copenhagen has a lot to offer for the whole family! Copenhagen also has several harbor pools as well as Amager beach park which is only five kilometers from the city center. The beach has kilometers of sandy beaches and the subway has three stops along the beach.

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