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When travelling with children to Copenhagen - visit Tivoli

Traveling with children to Copenhagen, this is definitely the place to visit.

As in a child's adventure, you enter a world of carousels, sugar spins, games and music. It`s easy to forget about time, and it is just as nice to visit Tivoli in the evening as in the day.

In the evening, hundreds of lights are lit around Tivoli, and you can stroll along the paths before eating at nice restaurants or going to a concert.

Tivoli in Copenhagen, Pjerrot - Photo Credit: Peter Norby

Magical Tivoli

If one thing is certain, then it is that Tivoli is more than just a fun! Here you can experience that from concerts, shows, theater, carousels, and mountain-and-valley courses. Not only that, there are also good restaurants, and stalls with ice cream, sugar spins and games where you can win great prizes. No matter the season, Tivoli offers fun experiences and a magical atmosphere.

Ballongyngen in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Carousels and fun

In Tivoli you will find rides and roller coasters for children of all ages. For the smallest, for example, they have the Panda, which wedges deliciously in the stomach. For slightly larger children, there are both radio cars and mini-rollercoasters like the Caravan, the children's favorite.

If someone in the family is looking for some extra speed and excitement, Tivoli also has rides for daredevils. In the "Himmelskibet ", you get a great panoramic view from a height of 80 meters, and in Vertigo you are your own pilot! It runs at 100 km / h with 360 degree turns - one of Tivoli's wildest carousel.

Ice cream in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Culinary temptations for children

Don't go hungry in Tivoli! Most of the restaurants have a children's menu, so there is something for everyone.

If you want to keep it nice and easy, you can, for example, go to Mazzolis Caffè and Trattoria, and taste their good Italian food and delicious pizza.

Another option is "Rasmus Klumps" (Bruin) pancake house. You can choose between Italian, Nordic, Mexican or Middle Eastern - but of course also sweet ones.

Otherwise, the Piracy (which lives in a pirate ship) is also a fun experience for the children, with many good dishes and fun children's drinks on the menu!

Bruin in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Other activities

Rasmus Klump's world is a great playground for the kids. Here there are two areas, each adapted to the children's age. The smallest are surrounded by soft floors and walls, and can play in the puzzle house, while the oldest ones are a little more challenging.

Rasmus Klump (Bruin in english), also has small performances several times a day.

If the children get hungry they can take a trip to the Pancake House, which is inside the mouth of a whale!

Tivoli also has its very own aquarium, which is Europe's longest saltwater aquarium. There are over 50 different species of fish, and beautiful castings of coral reefs. The fish are fed daily from 13.00.

Tivoligarden in Tivoli, Copenhagen

Performances and concerts

Although Tivoli is perhaps best known for nerve-wracking rollercoasters, they certainly have more to offer. The large area consists of several park areas, concert halls and restaurants.

Every summer they have Friday rock "on the lawn", where several leading artists come by. Many other big names also appear regularly throughout the summer.

Tivoli also has pantomime theater, revues and musicals, as well as their own concerts and performances for children.

Children's entertainment is a regular feature throughout the year, although the content varies. Here you can experience both magicians, artists and parades.

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