Louisiana - Museum of modern art, Denmark - Photo Credit: Christian Alsing

Louisiana - for children

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Louisiana - Introduces the children to the world of art

Louisiana warmly welcomes all children into the world of art!

Since opening in 1994, children have been invited to use their artistic abilities and lively imagination to create their very own works. The children are introduced to the world of art in an exciting and natural way with fun and educational activities.

The children's home is open Tuesday to Sunday between 11-18. The age limit is 4-16 years, but the youngest should be accompanied by an adult.

Louisiana - Museum of modern art, Denmark - Photo Credit: Ulrik Jantzen


There are several different things that the children can attend in the children's house.
All of the activities are based on Louisiana's own exhibitions so that the children learn about the artists and their works.

Then the children can unfold, inspired by what they have seen.
Here they get the help of art professionals who implement the activities for the children, which include, among other things, a workshop, painting schools and more.

The children's home consists of three floors with fully connected rooms. The areas are functional and organized so that the children can explore and move freely

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The Sea Garden

The sea garden, "Søhaven", is located just outside the children's house. In this unconventional playground, children can go exploring among bushes and trees, and hide in cabins and caves.

The mysterious garden gives you a further insight into the interaction between architecture, nature and art that you encounter everywhere in Louisiana.

Here, the kids can enjoy the outdoors and enjoy the packed lunch before heading down the popular rollercoaster!

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For the adults

At the children's house there is also the opportunity for the adults to unfold their artistic sides. Here, picture workshops are set up that are based on Louisiana's own exhibitions.

At these workshops participants will learn more about the exhibitions in question, while also being guided to create their own works.

Here you get the opportunity to try to paint, draw and sculpting.

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