The Blue Planet - aquarium, Image Credit: Bjarke Maccarthy

The Blue Planet


The Blue Planet - aquarium in Copenhagen

The Blue Planet is Northern Europe's largest aquarium with seven million liters of water and thousands of fish - a fantastic destination for families with children. Since the opening in 2013, The Blue Planet has become very popular.

The Blue Planet is located in Jacob Fortlingsvej 1 at Amager. Take the metro from Kongens Nytorv in the city center and get off at Kastrup Station. The Blue Planet is approx. a 600 m walk from here.

Shark tunnel at aquarium in Copenhagen

From coral reefs to clownfish

The aquarium is divided into eight parts that show both coral reefs, animals, fish and followers, as well as the evolution of the animals.

One department you should definitely visit is the Ocean. Here, the large hammerhead sharks swim by, along with gold mackerel, leopard drags and other mysterious fishes.

You can also walk through a transparent tunnel where fish swim both below and above you. Another fun exhibit is the Coral Reef, with its many colorful corals and fish. Here you can, for example, spot the clownfish that many people know from “Finding Nemo”.

Water playground Blue Planet

Child friendly program

At The Blue Planet you can experience several activities, storytelling and watching the feeding of the animals.

The program is different from day to day, so we recommend taking a look at the aquarium's website to see what happens when you are there.

Among other things, you can go fishing, watch children's theater with Hammer Shark Hik, investigate squid and watch the feeding of pirate fish. The "stirring pool" is also very popular with children where there are Danish sharks, crabs and starfish.

Water playground Blue Planet


The Blue Planet also has a large outdoor area where children can gain a greater understanding of water in a fun way through physical activity and collaboration. Here the children can pull over pumps and locks (without getting too wet).

In the more traditional playground there is also climbing frame, armpit and roller coaster - with perhaps Denmark's finest playground view.

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