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Lions in Zoo- Photo credit: Frank Ronsholt

Visit Zoo Copenhagen

At the Copenhagen Zoo you can see more than 4000 different animals from all over the world. Here you will find everything from fast leopards and dangerous tigers, to cute dwarf silks, tall giraffes, and some of the world's largest animals such as elephants and rhinos.

In the park, there is plenty to see and do for both children and adults - hear the pet owners tell about the animals, visit an indoor rainforest, and pat the camels.

Information: You can visit Zoo in Roskildevej 32, and it is possible to take bus 6A from the Central Station. It stops right at the entrance to the Zoo. Zoo is open all year and is wheelchair accessible

The Arctic Ring, Zoo Copenhagen - Photo credit: Daniel Rasmussen

From the tropics to Antarctica

The Zoo has its own__ tropical section__ which gives the public the opportunity to experience the rainforest as it really is - with 90 degrees of humidity! Here live some of the world's most exciting, but frightening animals.

If you want to visit a completely different world, you must go to "The Arctic Ring". Walk through a glass tunnel under the water and experience polar bears swimming by.

Panda in Zoo Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Neel Andreasen

Watch the pandas!

n April 2019, pandas Mao Sun and He Xing, from Chengdu, China moved in, and you can experience the two in a brand new architect-designed panda area. The pandas each have their own part of the area, because the protected bear prefers to live alone, even in nature.

Follow the unique animals, that have their own laid back, but bulky style, and can spend up to 15 hours a day eating!

Ice Bear, Zoo Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Henrik Sorensen

Exciting activities for the little ones

Let the children greet Danish farm animals and African dwarf goats in the Children Zoo". If you are lucky, you can experience pony or pig agility or watch the zoo keeper on tour with the llamas.

In the park there are several different playgrounds where children can have hours of fun. Visit the "Zoofari" playground and ride the safari car, or run from the "hippos" in the water. In the other playgrounds you can, among other things, sit in the scrotum of the toy kangaroo and ride on the wooden wombat, or walk on the suspension bridge and fight the toy tigers.

Visit "Zoolab" where kids can cut, draw and cast plaster, or take them to the make-up theater so they can turn into a creepy pirate, a beautiful butterfly or a dangerous tiger.

Food, Zoo Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Morten Svane

Tempting restaurants

If you want a lunch break, you can buy food in several places in the park.

The café and Provianten lunch restaurants offer a wider selection of kid-friendly dishes, and other cafes and food stalls offer everything from tempting gourmet sausages and baked pita with delicious filling, to fish & chips and fast food. Maybe you even want to treat yourself to a couple of churros for dessert?

You may also want to bring a packed lunch if you prefer. In the park there are several nice areas, both outside and inside, where it is nice to be able to sit and eat a packed lunch pack. The packed lunch house in the area of "Children's Zoo" is heated on cold days.

Zoo Copenhagen - Photo Credit: Frank Ronsholt


The zoo was founded in 1859 and is one of Europe's oldest zoos. The animal population initially consisted of eagles, owls, rabbits and even a seal in a bathtub!

Slowly but surely, the number of animals and the size of the area grew, and in the 1980s and 1990s a lot of modernization was initiated.

The zoo has a desire to increase interest in and understanding of nature, and they actively participate in conserving animal species and natural areas around the world. The Copenhagen Zoo is known for the high standard they maintain in relation to the animals and their well-being, and in the park they allow the animals to live in the most natural way possible.

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