Experimentarium, Image Credit: David Trood



Experimentarium - an experience for the children!

At Experimentarium learning and play meet by giving the children more knowledge about physics in the fun way.

All exhibitions are new after the reopening in 2017, and you can try the Light labyrinth's laser harp as well as try to be faster than your own shadow. See how global commodity flows across the continents symbolized by a large ball path, create huge soap bubbles, learn about senses or play an important role in the interactive cinema.

Experimentarium, Image Credit: David Trood


At Experimentarium there are more than 300 permanent installations in addition to selected special exhibitions.

The exhibitions are assigned different themes, and here are among others the "harbor", "under the skin", "the inactive cinema" and "the idea work".

You can find out how the light behaves, experiment with new energy sources, go under the skin of the human body, learn about senses or develop good ideas.

In order to encourage learning, Experimentarium also has its own exhibition pilots who are there to answer anything you might wonder.

Experimentarium, Image Credit: David Trood


Inspired by science centers in the United States, the Egmont Foundation's chairman, Espen Dragsted, came up with an idea to create his own science center in Denmark.

In the social development of the 20th century, natural science research was of great importance, and there was a common interest in bringing the research and its results to light. At this time, there was also a special interest in experiences and experiences in education policy, and thus it became central for the Danish Science Center to be characterized by activity and education.

The Experimentarium was opened on January 9, 1991.

Experimentarium, restaurant, Image Credit: David Trood

Shop and restaurant

You will also find a separate shop with many exciting toys, so the children can continue exploring and experimenting when they return home.

The toys build on the philosophy that learning should be fun. The shelves contain both chemistry sets and interactive books, all to appeal to the curious and creative.

If you get hungry, there is a restaurant with good food and drinks. If you rather prefer to bring your own packed lunch, and eat it in the picnic area, that is also possible.

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