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Aalborg Zoo

Aalborg zoo – Danmarks mest eksotiske Dyrepark

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Visit Aalborg Zoo

Welcome to Aalborg Zoo, where new impressions from the animal world await at every turn! Aalborg Zoo houses over 100 different exotic animal species, so here you can get up close to animals such as African elephants, red pandas, tigers, mini pigs and sloths, and many, many more. The park gives the public the opportunity to learn about the world of animals, get closer to several of the park's animal species or participate in activities suitable for both young and old.

In addition to being a pleasant family park, Aalborg Zoo works with a number of nature conservation projects, and contributes greatly to the conservation of endangered species.

If you want to visit the park during a holiday or holiday, there is a good chance that you can participate in seasonal activities, such as St. Hansel's celebration, Halloween or Christmas in the Zoo. The pleasant park is used for a number of festive events - all year round!

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What you can see in Aalborg Zoo

Are you curious about the world's largest rodent? Or do you want to experience some of the most dangerous predators up close?

In Aalborg Zoo you can find a wide selection of animals from different parts of the world. Here you can see lions, tigers, elephants, flamingos, fjord pigs, red pandas, penguins and various monkeys. The park also has a large selection of reptiles, such as snakes, crocodiles and turtles. Here you can get up close to the animals, and learn about life in the park and on the savannah.

Useful information

The park's opening hours: 10:00 – 18:00 Note that the park closes one hour earlier on certain weekdays in low season.

Ticket prices

  • Children: DKK 140 (3-11 years)
  • Adult: DKK 235
  • Students: DKK 188 (Can only be purchased at Aalborg Zoo)
  • Groups: 20% discount for groups of at least 20 people

Note that prices may vary in low and high season. Tickets can be purchased physically in the park on the same day, or in advance in the park's webshop.

Parking If you arrive at the park by car, there are a number of parking spaces past the main entrance. Here you can park for free for up to 5 hours.

If you are traveling from the center of Aalborg by train or bus, you can check the itinerary for all the buses that go to Aalborg Zoo. City buses no. 1 and no. 11 stop approximately 500 meters from the entrance.

Dog in the park It is allowed to bring dogs into the park. The dog must be on a leash during the entire stay and cannot enter areas with goats, kangaroos and lemurs, as the animals here move freely.

Link to opening times: https://aalborgzoo.dk/abningstider

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How to get to Aaborg Zoo

Traveling by car: If you travel by boat from Oslo to Frederikshavn, the drive from the terminal to the park takes just 46 minutes. If you want to travel from Copenhagen by car, this trip takes just over four hours, from DFDS' terminal in Copenhagen to Aalborg Zoo.

Travel by public transport: It is possible to take the train from the terminal in Frederikshavn to Aalborg Zoo. Then you have to walk approx. 8 minutes to Havnepladsen train station, and take the train to Aalborg Station which takes just over an hour. From the center of Aalborg, you can check the timetable for all the buses that go to Aalborg Zoo. City buses no. 1 and no. 11 stop approximately 500 meters from the entrance.

If you want to take public transport from Copenhagen, you should allow at least 5 hours of travel time, and be aware that you will have to change trains along the way.

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