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North Jutland

North Jutland - Raabjerg mile - Denmark - Visitdenmark PhotoCredit: Christian Faber
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North Jutland

The northern part of Denmark is very special. The colorful coastal nature, the idyllic fishing villages and cultural and gastronomic experiences make North Jutland a completely magical place to be.

In North Jutland, there are many popular places that people flock to in the summer. And no wonder - no matter where you are, there is never a long way to the beautiful Danish beaches. Here the whole family can wade at the water's edge and eat ice cream in the harbor. North Jutland is an exciting part of Denmark and perfect for creating new holiday memories.

Utzon senter Aalborg - Visitdenmark PhotoCredit Bang Vlemme film and openhouse


Aalborg is Denmark's fourth largest city and is approximately a 45-minute drive from Frederikshavn. In recent years, Aalborg has been transformed into a vibrant and cultural hotspot, and like any other city, Aalborg offers experiences for both children and adults - only with a large dose of North Jutland charm.

Explore the world of animals in Aalborg Zoo, get close to the magnificent architecture of the Utzon center, jump in the water in Vestre Fjordpark or take a quiet day along the streets in the city center. Here are shops, cozy restaurants and historic buildings side by side.

North Jutland - Denmark - Skagen Visitdenmark PhotoCredit: Mette Johnsen


You will find Skagen on the northernmost tip of Denmark. The area is especially popular in the summer, when people flock to coastal hotels, holiday homes and the vibrant city life in Old Skagen.

Skagen is also known for its characteristic yellow houses, which have been home to many artists over time, as the natural light in the area is very special. This is clearly seen in paintings by the famous Skagen painters.

In Skagen, everything is arranged for a wonderful holiday with art, cozy shopping in the main street and raw nature all the way along the coast!

Cold Hawaii - Visitdenmark PhotoCredit Mette Johnsen


The west coast runs from Skagen over scenic Thy and continues down to the Wadden Sea and South Jutland. Charming small towns, each of which tells a little Danish history and cultural heritage, are located in a row along the coast. Here you will also find Klitmøller, called Cold Hawaii, which attracts surfing guests from all over the world, and the Limfjord where you can fish mussels and oysters of the best quality.

If you visit Ringkøbing, you will gain insight into a piece of Danish cultural history. Here you can take an evening walk with the city's guards, who tell stories from "the time it once was".

Tolbods plads Aalborg - PhotoCredit Patrick Bo Elkaer og Sofie Nielsen

Family activities

North Jutland is perfect for families with children! In the popular amusement park Fårup Sommerland, you are guaranteed speed and fun with more than 60 different attractions, and Northern Europe's largest aquarium, the North Sea Oceanarium Hirtshals, offers close contact with the strange creatures that live in the sea.

Let the children greet the jungle animal Hugo and get up close to the other animals that live in the open in Jesperhus Holiday Park on Mors.

If you are in Aalborg, the museums KunstenogUtzon Center offer exciting activities for the children, and a visit to Aalborg Zoo is a must.

North Jutland - Denmark - Grenen in Skagen - Visitdenmark PhotoCredit: Mette Johnsen


North Jutland is known for its beautiful, and at times, wild nature. Visit the iconic Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, or stand with one leg in each sea on Denmark's northernmost point, Grenen, where the Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest hiking dune, is also on the top list of places you must visit.

In North Jutland, you can also go on a trip in Denmark's largest protected nature area, Lille Vildmose, or set sail on a safari to the islands of Livø and Mors in the Limfjord. And on Læsø you can join in when the famous Læsø salt is to be sewn in the traditional way.

Palm beach - Frederikshavn - Photo credit Turisthus Nord


Did you know that it is never more than 50 km to the coast no matter where in Denmark you are? North Jutland is the place to lower your shoulders and pace and enjoy life.

Palm Beach in Frederikshavn is very popular. Here you can enjoy lazy days under the palm trees and a true South Sea atmosphere. If you long for more North Jutland beaches, Løkken beach is perfect. It stretches for several hundred meters and is well known for its white bathing houses along the shoreline. Bisnap beach is also like a summer dream and is a perfect choice if you want a pure beach holiday.

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