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7 day road trip - The biggest cities

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Experience the biggest cities across Denmark

Do you dream of a road trip in Denmark that gives you a selection of the best family experiences from both Zealand, Funen and Jutland? Then this is the tour for you!

World-renowned amusement parks, interesting Danish history and popular zoos - across the Danish country you can experience both excitement and coziness in Denmark's largest cities.

Gather the family and go on an adventure through wonderful Denmark!

Tivoli - Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen and Denmark's most visited attractions

The tour starts in Copenhagen, Denmark's capital and one of Northern Europe's most prominent cities.

First, we would recommend you visit Denmark's most popular attraction, Tivoli, which had close to 2.5 million visitors in 2021!

In Tivoli, you can experience everything from great shows and delicious food to pleasant parks and carousels that will make butterflies tickle your stomach.

Then you can visit another crowd favourite, Copenhagen Zoo. This zoo is also one of the most popular attractions in Denmark, and houses a number of exotic animal species. Experience the fantastic wildlife up close in Copenhagen Zoo, before heading to Roskilde. We recommend staying a night or two in Copenhagen.

Roskilde Viking Museum - Denmark

Roskilde – Denmark's old capital and a historic city

Driving from Denmark's current capital, you can look forward to visiting another important city in Danish history. Roskilde was Denmark's capital in the 13th and 14th centuries, and is a historically important city.

In Roskilde, you can visit the Viking Ship Museum and take a look at the ships from the Middle Ages and the Viking Age.

You can also visit Lützhøfts Købmandsgård. Here you can visit the old grocer's shop, which looks exactly as it did in the 1920s.

If you want to experience something different, you can visit the beautiful Sct. His Garden.

We recommend staying a night or two in Roskilde, before driving on to Funen.

Odense - Denmark

Get close to H.C. Andersen in Fyn

"Fyn er fin" (Fyn is nice) - say the Danes about the country between Zealand and Jutland, and that's quite appropriate!

When you drive off the Storebæltsbroen and arrive on Funen, you are not far from Denmark's third largest city, Odense. This is the city where Denmark's greatest writer was born and spent much of his childhood.

Visit H.C. Andersen House and get an insight into the author's exciting adventures. After a few hours you can travel to Odense Zoo, drive to the nature and science center Naturama in Svendborg, or see the majestic Egeskov Castle.

There are a number of things you can experience in Odense! We therefore recommend that you book several overnight stays here, before driving on to Jutland.

Aarhus - Denmark

Jutland - several major cities and popular attractions!

If you set the course from Odense to Billund in Central Jutland, the children's enthusiasm will rise. Here is the children's favourite, LEGOLAND!

Then you can drive to Denmark's second largest city, Aarhus. This city is full of experiences for both young and old, and we would therefore recommend spending the night in the city.

Further along the way, you have several exciting choices. How about a trip to the Nordics' largest summer land, Djurs Sommerland, to Ree Park Safari to experience the wildlife, or a trip to the Kattegat Center to greet the sharks?

Drive from Aarhus and on to North Jutland.

Aalborg Zoo - Denmark

City life and attractions in North Jutland

You may know Tromsø as the "Paris of the North", but in Denmark it is Aalborg, Denmark's fourth largest city, that bears the great name. This city has a lot to offer, for both young and old!

If you haven't had enough of animals on your trip yet, Aalborg Zoo can tempt you with over 1,500 animal species.

If you would rather travel back in time and disappear into the world of the Vikings, the Viking Museum Lindholm Høje has exactly what you need. Here you can learn about the everyday life of the Vikings and ancient times in Limfjordlandet.

We recommend an overnight stay in Aalborg before you continue your trip to Frederikshavn.


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