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6-day roadtrip - From north to south

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Pack your car and experience the best of eastern Jutland

Are you ready for a fantastic drive through beautiful Denmark?

Lovely beaches, tasty street food, inspiring art and interesting history - on this tour through eastern Jutland you can collect great memories from a number of exciting attractions across Denmark.

Bring your friends, or maybe a girlfriend, and go on a roadtrip!

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Discover the best attractions along the east coast of Jutland

The adventure starts in beautiful Frederikshavn! Then you'll experience some of Denmark's most beautiful gems, from Skagen in the north to the town of Sønderborg close to the German border in the south.

On the way to Skagen, you can for example visit Råbjerg Mile - Denmark's largest walking cliff, where the fine sand forms a mini-desert.

Head south to Aalborg, where you can see how art, design and architecture interact at the Utzon Center, or visit the Kunsten Museum of Modern Art - one of Denmark's largest museums of modern art.

In fantastic Aalborg there is a lot to experience! So why not spend a few nights in the city before driving further and further down Denmark?

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More exciting experiences await in the central part of Jutland

From Aalborg you will in Rebild Nasjonalpark, on the way to Randers, experience the perfect landscape for a walk. Here you will find forests, heather and trees in the finest colours.

When you get to Randers, you can enjoy a few hours in the swimming pool and bathing area of Water & Wellness. You can also spend the night in Randers before heading further south.

On the way you can stroll around the old royal residence town of Kolding, which with its location has had an important strategic importance for the Danish royal family up through the years.

Deretter går kjøreturen mot Haderslev i Sønderjylland.

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Danish cosiness in Southern Jutland

"Mojn!", they say in Southern Jutland, both to say "Hei!" and "Farewell!" In other words, Haderslev welcomes you, with delicious food! At Saltlageret Street Food & Events you can taste delicious food from a large selection of food stalls.

After a better meal, you might be tempted by a short holiday trip to Aarø, to see the Aarø lighthouse? Or you can drive on and set course for the city of Sønderborg.

Here you can visit the historically important Dybbøl Mill, before returning.

We suggest an overnight stay in Haderslev and Sønderborg, but it's entirely up to you. - Mojn!

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The trip back to Frederikshavn is full of exciting attractions!

Start with a trip to Vejle, and be impressed by the architectural masterpieces Fjordenhus and Bølgen.

Then get ready to explore Denmark's second largest city Aarhus - Jutland's answer to Copenhagen!

In Aarhus, the city of smiles, you can start by visiting one of Northern Europe's largest museums, ARoS - Aarhus Art Museum. This is the most visited art museum in Scandinavia. Afterwards, you might be tempted by a trip to Tivoli Friheden, for a bit of speed and excitement?

For more time in Aarhus, stay overnight here, or head on to Frederikshavn, and take the boat home with a suitcase full of good memories!

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Fantastic castles on tour through Jutland

On the way from Randers to Haderslev, you can stop and pick up Gram Slot, which is located just outside Haderslev.

Not far from there is Sønderborg, where you can see the beautiful Sønderborg Castle.

If you want to explore more attractions on the Denmark adventure, you can stop in Dronninglund, on the way from Aarhus to Frederikshavn. Here you can see Voergaard Castle, which is built in the Renaissance style, and is surrounded by Denmark's widest moat!


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