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10 day roadtrip - The west coast of Jutland

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Take the car with DFDS and experience the best of the Jutland west coast

Want to get to know Denmark?

On a roadtrip along the west coast of Jutland you can explore fantastic beaches, unique nature, learn about Denmark's Viking history and experience some of Denmark's most popular amusement parks and zoos - this is a roadtrip for the whole family!

All you need to do is pack your car and set course for the DFDS terminal in Oslo - and the adventure begins!

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The best attractions on the North West Coast

Take a road trip through the best the West Coast has to offer, from Hirtshals in the north to Tønder in the south - just a few kilometres from the German border.

In Frederikshavn you can experience tropical surroundings, travelling past the famous Palm Beach. Then it's on to Northern Europe's largest aquarium, Norsjøen Oceanarium, in Hirthals.

A short drive from the aquarium is Faarup Sommerland, one of Denmark's five most visited tourist attractions. Here you'll find a range of great activities for the whole family, and there's guaranteed to be plenty of fun, adrenaline and butterflies in your stomach!

Take an extra night here before heading further south in Jutland.

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The adventure continues in the middle of Jutland

More family fun is on the horizon!

New for example some nice moments in Holstebro Swimming Center or WOW Park in Skjern. Here the whole family can play in the forest, both in the treetops and under the hill.

In this part of Jutland you should also take the trip to beautiful Hvide Sande. This is one of the most beautiful summer resorts in Denmark! Soak up the sun on the beach, go for a leisurely walk in the fine terrain or try your hand at Seaside Safari.

Then drive past Esbjerg, Denmark's fifth largest city, where you can see the sea sculpture, Man by the Sea, or explore Denmark's longest pedestrian street.

Then head for Sønderjylland.

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Nice atmosphere in the south of Jutland

In Southern Jutland, which is the southernmost part of Denmark, you can look forward to a special local and cosy atmosphere.

Start your adventure in Southern Jutland with a visit to Ribe - the city turned 1300 in 2010 and is Denmark's oldest city! At the same time you can "travel"

1300 years back in time and learn more about the Vikings in Ribe VikingeCenter.

With Viking history fresh in your mind, you can drive on towards Tønder. Here you can almost say "Guten tag", as you are now close to the German border. Drive past the beautiful Schackenborg Castle before starting the return trip, which also offers exciting attractions!

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The adventure continues on the way back to Frederikshavn

Why not start your trip to Frederikshavn by visiting one of Denmark's biggest and most popular attractions, LEGOLAND! Here you will also find Lalandia, Scandinavia's largest water park.

Continuing north, you and the family can take a trip through Hobro and see the World Map. Here you can hop from continent to continent and visit the whole world in one afternoon. Then it's on to Aalborg, Denmark's fourth largest city. In the "Paris of the North", as Aalborg is also called, you will find the Aalborg Defence and Garrison Museum and Aalborg Zoo, which houses more than 1500 animals.

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Get to know the Danish Vikings

You may have seen Viking attractions before, but do you really know enough about the mead-drinking people of the past? On this tour you can travel back in time and learn more about the fabled Viking Age!

Just outside Ribe you can visit the Ribe Viking Centre, and on your way back to Frederikshavn you can stop at the Viking Museum Fyrkat in Hobro. On the outskirts of Aalborg you can experience Viking history at the Viking Museum Lindholm Høje.


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