Skagen - Denmark


Skagen - Denmark

Skagen - the top of Denmark

Skagen, also known as the top of Denmark, has for several generations been a favorite destination for holiday-loving Norwegians. There is no other place in Denmark where you can experience real Danish cosiness on such a large scale, as in Skagen. Here you can relax and enjoy the good life along the vast sandy beaches, a lovely tranquility and the unique light, which has attracted artists from all over the world.

The characteristic nature in Skagen, the unique art and magical atmosphere provide the ultimate basis for a relaxing holiday, unlike any other, full of pleasure, tranquility and fascinating nature experiences.

Skagen - Denmark

The Skagen painters

For many years, Skagen has attracted artists from all over the world, everything from painters to sculptors and various craftsmen who work with very different materials. What above all drew the artists to the area was Skagen's special light. In September, the light gets a magical blue tone at dusk, which creates the illusion that the sky and the sea merge.

Skagen was a popular holiday destination for poets, writers and artists as early as the 19th century. The artists go by the name Skagenmalerne, and today you can see paintings by famous artists at Skagens Museum. The area also houses several art museums, galleries and outlets with crafts.

Skagen - Denmark


"Grenen" (the branch), which is located just north of Skagen and is Denmark's northernmost point, is a unique natural phenomenon you can only experience in a few places in the world.

Grenen, can best be described as a small sand tip out into the sea, and here the two seas Kattegat and Skagerak meet on opposite sides. The strong ocean currents mean that it is forbidden to swim here, but you can stand with one foot in each ocean.

To get to Grenen you can walk along the North Sea or on the East Coast, or hop on the train, ‘Sandormen’ (the sandworm), which for over 50 years has transported adventurous tourists to the tip.

Skagen - Denmark

Råbjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest moving dune, is another natural phenomenon you should not miss when you are in Skagen. It consists of 3.5 million cubic meters of fine sand, covers an area of approx. 2 square kilometers and moves about 15-20 meters to the north-east each year.

An excursion on the dune can be confusingly similar to a desert wilderness in the Sahara! The walk unfortunately gives you lots of sand in your shoes, but in return you get a view you will not find anywhere else in scenic Denmark - and it is especially beautiful if you take the walk at sunset.

Skagen - Denmark

The sand-covered church

Just west of Skagen is a tourist attraction that testifies to nature's raw forces and how man must adapt to the inevitable changes created by nature.

The church Sct. Laurentius, today known as 'The Sand-coverde Church', was partially buried in sand during the latter half of the 18th century. The congregation had to dig out the entrance every time a meadow service was to be held, but eventually lost the battle against the sand masses. The nave was demolished, but the tower was spared and today stands surrounded by dunes and as a symbol of the lost battle.

Skagen - Denmark


Even though the city is small, you will find everything you need here - and a little more! In the 'big' shopping street in Skagen, Sankt Laurentii Vej, the chain stores and the small, local outlets are like pearls on a string and tempt with everything from fashion clothes, to gorgeous design products and exciting arts and crafts.

Remember to take detours from the main street and out into the side streets. This is where you come across the charming and unique shops with hidden treasures you will not find anywhere else.


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