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With children in Skagen

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Activities for the family

Denmark and Skagen are perhaps best known for their long sandy beaches where you can spend relaxing days with fun at the water's edge. But Skagen offers so much more, and here are several attractions that the whole family will love. Explore the harbor and eat ice cream in the sun, or stand with one foot in each sea on Grenen. In Skagen is Northern Europe's largest aquarium and Fårup Sommerland. You can also go on a ‘desert hike’, make your own sweets and visit Scandinavia's own teddy bear museum.

The varied range of activities means that the whole family has a fantastic family holiday, and you come home with new experiences you will not forget.

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Go on a desert hike

Råbjerg Mile, Denmark's largest dune, is an exciting natural phenomenon you should not miss when you are in Skagen. The dune consists of as much as 3.5 million cubic meters of fine sand and covers an area of approx. 2 square kilometers.

An excursion on the dune is confusingly similar to a desert wilderness in the Sahara. Unfortunately, you do not avoid shoes full of sand after a trip on the dune, but in return you get a fantastic view and a cool experience together.

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Visit "Bolcheriet"

There's no real holiday without some candy, is there? Take the children to the candy store Bolcheriet in Skagen and have a day filled with delicious and colorful sweets.

Here the children can learn to make their own love on a stick, and you get an insight into how they make caramels and candies in the traditional way - by hand.

Skagen - Denmark


Hop on the train ‘Sandormen’ and visit Denmark's northernmost point, Grenen, a unique natural phenomenon you can only experience in a few places in the world. At Grenen, the Kattegat and Skagerak meet on opposite sides, which has created a sand tip into the sea. The strong ocean currents mean that it is forbidden to swim here, but you can stand with one foot in each ocean.

Teddy bear

Skagen's teddy bear museum

In Skagen, there is Scandinavia's only teddy bear museum where great artists have played with teddy bears. At the museum, the teddy bears have got their own lives, and they do the strangest things - from conjuring themselves into pictures from the famous Skagen painters, to making circuses.

This informal museum is guaranteed to be a hit and a delight for both children and adults.

Visitnordjylland - photoCredit Fårup Sommerland

Fårup Sommerland

Visit Fårup Sommerland and have a fast-paced day with a lot of laughter. There are as many as 60 different attractions and a separate water park. Fasten yourself and get ready for wind in your hair and butterflies in your stomach when you mill off in wild roller coasters. Afterwards, it's time for water slides and a high pulse in Aqualand, Denmark's largest outdoor water park.

In Fårup Sommerland, the whole family is guaranteed a day of action and fun - and many cool photos for the holiday album.


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