Hadrian's Wall


About Hadrian's Wall

The Hadrian's Wall runs near the Anglo-Scottish border from Carlisle to Newcastle and was originally used as a border fortification system to help guard border traffic and keep out unwanted intruders from Scotland and Ireland. This symbol of the power of the Roman Empire still impresses visitors today. Gain deeper insights into the life of a Centurion with replicated performances and interactive displays in the garrisons and forts, and learn in fascinating visitor centres along the 117 km long wall. In 1987, Hadrian's Wall was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Everywhere on Hadrian's Wall you will come across archaeologically valuable remains - be sure to visit Vindolanda, an archaeological site where you can visit the remains of an ancient garrison and Roman settlement. Vindolanda is known for the fragments of half-burnt wooden chalkboards found there, which are written in ink and contain messages from and to members of the garrison, their families and slaves. Here you can walk through the charming museum gardens and past ruins and shops with all sorts of Roman articles. The Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail is a long distance trail that leads 84 miles along the World Heritage Site.

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