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Cathedral in Hampshire

Discover Things To Do In Hampshire

Hampshire has a rich historical and maritime heritage, famous for the ports in Southampton and Portsmouth.

The region’s capital, Winchester, offers visitors many vestiges of its glorious past and beautiful walks along its medieval wall.

Winchester Cathedral is one of the most beautiful religious buildings in England. It has the longest nave in Europe and houses the tombs of several West Saxon kings.

Winchester’s Great Hall is also where the medieval myth of King Arthur and the Round Table stems from and you can still visit it today.

Cycling through the forest in Hampshire

The New Forest National Park

The New Forest National Park is a protected area consisting of meadows, moors and untouched forest. The forest is home to a diverse ecology of wildlife. Wild horses, pheasants and deer rub shoulders with herds of farmed sheep and pigs. Explore the 373 km² of woods, moors and preserved swamps.

During your stay you can also discover the endemic New Forest pony.

Image credit: © VisitEngland / Paul Close

Old fashioned ship in Hampshire

Maritime culture

The city of Portsmouth is known for its naval heritage. Explore this famous coastal town and discover historic warships. Visit Portsmouth’s famous dockyard, Lord Nelson’s 18th century HMS Victory and the 18th century HMS Warrior. For even more nautical history, check out the Royal Naval Museum.

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