Seaview at Deal in Kent
Deal and Sandwich
Sandwich in Kent Castle

Visit Kent: Deal and Sandwich

Located not far from our DFDS port of Dover, Sandwich and Deal are two charming towns just waiting to be discovered! Once in Dover, start by visiting Deal before ending with a medieval note on your way to Sandwich.

Deal in Kent

Deal, the first step in an idyllic stay in Kent

Deal is to Kent what Brighton is to Sussex: a dynamic town, full of life, bordered by the English Channel, the perfect spot for a walk.

Whether you stop in Deal for a few hours or a few days, the Kent County town will suit your desires and needs perfectly! Stroll along the seaside to the pier, go shopping in the many shops or stroll through the many quaint, colourful streets. Above all, do not miss the sun setting over Deal, to be admired from the pier.

Sandwich in Kent

Sandwich, the second step of a wonderful trip to Kent

For an unforgettable getaway, Sandwich is a great destination. An incredibler Medieval village, you will find here a taste of what England used to be: a city made up of a maze of alleys, facades sometimes immaculate, sometimes in stone.

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