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European Capital of Culture – Tartu Estonia

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Discover things to do in Tartu Estonia

Let's clarify the name: Tartu 2024 is not just about Tartu - it's a celebration that unites all Southern Estonia! This means that over 20 municipalities in the south will each host their own unique events, showcasing their distinct cultures.

The core of the program centres on the "Arts of Survival" – the knowledge, skills, and values essential for leading a fulfilling life in the future.

The most packed schedule will be found in Tartu, where events range from major concerts and vibrant music festivals to a variety of art exhibitions and fairs. You can explore the full array of events here: Programme – Tartu 2024

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Exploring Tartu & Southern Estonia

Tartu, Estonia's second-largest city, nestles in the southern part of the country. It is 244km from Riga, Latvia's capital, positioning Tartu as an ideal waypoint on a Baltic road trip.

The essence of southern Estonia is captured by its expansive forests, the vast national park, tranquil villages, and charming towns adorned with historical churches and manors. This region also serves as a sanctuary for traditional communities, including the Setos and Old Believers, preserving a rich cultural heritage.

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Tartu Travel Guide

Tartu 2024 Highlights for Southern Estonia

Discover the best experiences as recommended by Tartu 2024, carefully curated to enhance your visit to Southern Estonia during the European Capital of Culture title year. They have prepared to make your stay unforgettable, ensuring you're welcomed into a world of unique adventures.

Explore top activities, must-see sights, the coziest cafes, comfortable accommodations, and hidden treasures.

For a comprehensive list of Tartu 2024's recommendations and to plan your adventure, visit: Tartu 2024 recommends - Tartu 2024.

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What makes Southern Estonia so Unique

From a smoke sauna to the top of Munamägi, Baltics highest peak, across winding village roads to museums. Add boat rides on rivers and exciting explorations in small hidden places.

You can hear the Seto leelo belonging to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List, taste the local flavours, visit the birthplaces of Estonian choir music and swing over the borders of two countries.

Fire, water and air, hills and bogs – the dazzling Southern Estonia is a well kept secret. In celebration of the European Capital of Culture year, we're thrilled to unveil this splendid region.

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