Tallin, Estonia

Winter in Tallinn

Tallinn old town


If you're looking for a festive escape, Tallinn is the place to be. The medieval city is picturesquely lit up at Christmas, and there's plenty to do for families. Tallinn's Old Town is a main tourist attraction and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known as one of Europe's best-preserved Medieval towns. Welcoming you to the town, you will see the Viru Gate, that was once part of the defence system – it’s a beautiful representation of the city’s culture and history. You can wander around the Christmas markets, browsing the wonderfully decorated stalls for handicrafts and traditional Estonian food.

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Tallinn Christmas Market

Tallin has one Christmas market that lights up the entire city in magic and takes place in the town hall square. Having been voted Europe’s best Christmas Market a couple of years ago, walking around the fairy-tale like stalls all lit in beautiful decorations, it is easy to see why it gained this status. The middle of the market will feature the famous Christmas tree – a tradition that goes back to 1441! The stalls surrounding the tree will have lots of unique Christmas gifts to take home to loved ones and there will be many treats for you to try. The smell of gingerbread and glögg/ glögi (spiced wine) fills the air whilst you walk around, working up an appetite.

old Town in Tallinn

Things to do

Skywheel of Tallinn
If you want to see Tallinn from above, 120 meters above sea level exactly, than the Skywheel of Tallinn is a fantastic experience for all the family.

Tallin TV Tower
The TV Tower offers a 360-degree view and is one of the tallest buildings in Tallin and Northern Europe!

St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Tallin’s Russian Orthodox Cathedral which features rich architecture and Tallinn’s most powerful ensemble of church bells! The interior is designed in beautiful mosaics and icons - this cathedral is worth a stop at.

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