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Your Essential Travel Guide To Estonia

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Discover Things To Do In Estonia

Estonia offers visitors an abundance of culture, heritage and beauty. City breakers can wander around the historic architecture of Tallinn, Tartu or Kuressaare, where museums and galleries offer insight into Estonia’s history.

Nature lovers can lose themselves in the beauty of the country’s stunning and biodiverse national parks such as Lahemaa National Park. There’s also the incredible island of Saaremaa which is renowned for its meteor craters. This isle is just one of the 2000+ in Estonia.


Estonia's Gastronomy

Estonia’s cuisine is novel, delicious and affordable. You will find restaurants on all ends of the budget spectrum serving spectacular native dishes.

The national dish, Raim, consists of well-seasoned, Baltic Sea herring served with crème fraiche. Make sure to try the bread soup, too, a local soup made from apples and bread and topped with sour cream.

Haapsalu seaside resort

Spa and Health Resorts

Estonia has been a popular destination for spa retreats since 1820 when locals discovered the beneficial properties of the country’s clay. Estonia almost revolves around spas, even their local beer is named after a spa, ‘Spaaremaa’.

Kuressaare is seen as one of the world’s most popular spa locations. The coastal city is a myriad of seaside resorts and health facilities offering a wide range of relaxing, recreational and medical treatments such as clay packing, chocolate massages and salt treatments.


Estonian Independence

Estonia only gained independence in 1918, with 2018 marking the 100th anniversary.

This is an important milestone for all Estonians and celebrations for the centenary include parties and commemorations that will continue until 2020. Take part in the festivities and plan your trip now.

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