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Estonian Spa Escapes: Relaxation Awaits

Embark on a journey through pure relaxation in Estonia's spa retreats, carefully tailored for every traveller. Whether you're adventuring with family, seeking a romantic escape, or prioritizing medical treatments, Estonia's warm embrace awaits.

With a spa legacy spanning hundreds of years, Estonia's retreats are nestled along the coast, in countryside havens, and forest sanctuaries, all reflecting the country's profound bond with nature. Using locally sourced ingredients like mineral-rich mud and juniper, these SPAs offer curative treatments making it desirable destination for wellness vacation in the Baltics.

Immerse yourself in a realm of relaxation, where nature enhances your well-being. Experience the holistic Estonian wellness paradise — from playful aquatic adventures for kids to serene moments of couples' solitude.

Saaremaa – the island SPA getaway

Saaremaa – the island SPA getaway

Escape to Saaremaa, Estonia's enchanting SPA haven, fondly known as SPA-remaa. Immerse yourself in a blissful paradise, offering a diverse range of wellness services, from medical treatments to luxurious indulgences.

Explore unique heritage and unspoiled nature with juniper-scented air. Seawater and soothing waves offer nature's stress relief. Both Hotel GOSPA and Grand Rose SPA not only offer a sanctuary from daily worries but are also ideal for families. In the heart of the island, Kuressaare boasts intimate luxury osasis boutique SPAs alongside larger complexes.

Saaremaa, where wellness meets tradition, invites you just a 30-minute ferry ride away from the Estonian mainland. Unwind amidst the island's beauty!

Tallinn – your urban retreat awaits

Tallinn – your urban retreat awaits

Explore Tallinn, Estonia's capital, blending modern comforts, vibrant nightlife, and culinary delights. The medieval Old Town is complemented by picturesque coastlines. Experience white nights in summer, vibrant autumn colours, and festive Christmas atmospheres—Tallinn beckons year-round.

Indulge in a weekend spa wellness at the four-star Kalev SPA Hotel, offering relaxation for all, with a water park loved by kids. Just 12 km from the city centre, Tallinn Viimsi SPA boasts saunas, cinema, and Estonia's largest interactive water park—Atlantis H2O, with eight slides.

Tallinn, less than an hour's drive from Paldiski port, awaits exploration!

South Estonia – the real SPA oasis

South Estonia – the real SPA oasis

Explore Tartu, Estonia's vibrant hub of creativity and science, designated as Europe’s Cultural Capital for 2024. This city pulsates with festivals, exhibitions, and performances. Recharge at V SPA 11 pools, 13 saunas, and mental rejuvenation.

In Estonia's southeast gem, Setomaa, delve into a unique culture, language, and pristine nature. Värska boasts exclusive mud baths, while Kubija Hotel in Võru and Pühajärve near Otepää cater to diverse preferences. Wagenküll Castle SPA ensures a luxurious retreat.

South Estonia unveils the traditional Võro smoke sauna, a UNESCO-listed ritual for body cleansing and unwinding with loved ones.

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