Riga, Latvia

Your Essential Travel Guide To Latvia

Gauja National Park
Jurmala church
Jurmala, Latvia
Latvia beach

Discover Latvia with DFDS

Discover Latvia's diverse beauty: from the stunning architecture of Riga to the untouched Gauja National Park.

Experience the azure sea along exquisite beaches, feeling the soft white sand beneath your feet - a place not just for relaxation but for a deep connection with nature.

History and culture enthusiasts must visit the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Latgale, where traditions and legends thrive. Latvia offers a wealth of experiences, from historic cities to pristine parks, teeming with stories waiting to be explored.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through Latvia's beauties and secrets and enjoy the country's exceptional hospitality.

Jurmala, Latvia
Jurmala, Latvia
Jurmala, Latvia

Must-see destinations in Latvia

Explore Jurmala's stunning coastline, famous for its golden beaches and therapeutic thermal waters.

Delve into the history and charm of Kuldiga, renowned for its impressive waterfalls and quaint wooden architecture. Riga, a UNESCO World Heritage site, will captivate you with its exquisite Art Nouveau buildings and lively cultural scenes. Venture to Latgale, the Land of Blue Lakes, home to over 800 lakes, offering serene beauty.

A road trip through Latvia promises a journey filled with discoveries, from secluded natural wonders to historical treasures. Ideal for camping enthusiasts seeking idyllic spots amidst untouched nature, and adventurers eager for extensive outdoor activities.

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