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Latgale, or the ‘Land of the Blue Lakes’, is the perfect destination for all those who would like to leave the hustle and bustle of a city and find tranquillity in nature. There are more than 800 lakes that interconnect to form a unique landscape. You can discover the region by boat or foot and there are plenty of hiking trails and tourist routes you can enjoy.

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Art and Culture in Latgale

Many parks and manor houses from the 18th and 19th centuries are available for you to visit now. The old farmhouses, monuments, courtyards, villages and towns exude their own personal Latvian charm. Castles and palaces are waiting to be discovered and explored. The old murals and frescoes are unique and worth a visit.

In Latvia, there is still a separate alphabet which is composes another dialect, the Latgalian. Even today this dialect is spoken in everyday life.

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Nature in Eastern Latvia

In the Gauja National Park, the caves, cliffs and gorges dug by the river over time are the perfect setting for a boat trip. Cultural and historical treasures derived from myths and legends, such as the Zvarte Rock (the meeting place of witches and ghosts) are a must see. The Razna and Lubans lakes, the two largest in the country, are teeming with wildlife and you’ll be sure to see experience beautiful views. The region also impresses travellers with its diverse range of activities such as walking routes, water sports, cycling tours and ski slopes.

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