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What to see in Germany

Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg

Places worth visiting in Germany

Germany is a place where you can experience history alive in cities where streets were laid out long before Columbus set sail on his most important voyage. And in the castles towering above the old villages, where the streets and windowsills are lined with red geraniums. The big cities, including Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, will delight you with endless cultural events, art museums and high-class operas or naughty cabarets and underground clubs. Wherever you go, the classics of Romanticism, Gothic and Baroque will mingle with the architectural works of modern masters.


What to see in Germany

When going to Germany, it is simply necessary to visit at least a few big cities. Cozy old towns, impressive metropolises, peaceful nature and first-class cultural life - all these elements magically combine with each other and create a special atmosphere.

Bremen, Schwerin, Cologne, Hanover, Wolfsburg or Dusseldorf are some of the cities that are very easy to reach from the port of Kiel. Of course, don't miss the opportunity to go to the country's capital.

The places to visit in Germany are extremely easy to reach by car, so it is especially convenient to travel to Germany by ferry.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

What to see in Germany with children

Germany is famous for its rich history and fascinating castles that have inspired legends such as the story of Frankenstein or Sleeping Beauty. Visiting charming, gothic and mysterious castles will make you feel like you are playing the main role in your own magical fairy tale.

Perhaps the most recognizable of the most photographed castles in the world, Neuschwanstein Castle is perched in the Alps. This building never had a defensive purpose, but served as a resting place for King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Island in Germany

The most photographed island in Germany

Germany is certainly not a country that is famous for its islands, but you would be surprised at how many impressive islands are located along the northern coast of the country. One of the most photographed and published islands is the island of Rügen.

This island is often referred to as the perfect German island. Located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, it simply captivates with its white chalk cliffs and sandy beaches. This island has attracted tourists for a long time - Otto von Bismarck, Sigmund Freud, Albert Einstein visited here.

Bastei Bridge, Germany

Bridge which takes your breath away

Bastei is the most famous rock formation in Saxon Switzerland, Germany and is on the list of most photographed tourist attractions. Bastei and Bastei Bridge are the pride of the German Saxon Switzerland National Park area. It can be reached in less than 1 hour from Dresden, the capital of Saxony. The Bastei Rocks and Bastei Bridge offer an amazing panoramic view of the mountains. You will see the Elbe River, the Lilienstein Hill and the Koenigstein Fortress. Bastei Bridge is a 76.5 m man-made bridge connecting two huge rocks.

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