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Christmas in Kiel

Kiel Christmas

Kiel Christmas Market 'Weihnachtsmarkt'

Kiel at Christmas is a delightful sight, sure to engage all your sense. With smells of roasting nuts, sausages and hot chocolate filling the air, Kiel will be illuminated in plenty of beautiful Christmas lights and Christmas trees galore. There are many opportunities to find gifts for loved ones and experience German Christmas Traditions.

With a strong heritage of music, maritime history and fine dining, there is plenty to do in Kiel outside of the markets. Whatever you do, make sure to enjoy the magic of Christmas in Kiel!

Flying Santa-Claus in Hamburg

Rathausplatz - A romantic forest Christmas Village

Set in the square in front of the town hall, there will be over 500 Christmas trees to create the sense of being within a fir forest. Individual wooden picturesque huts surround and create the perfect Christmas atmosphere where you can browse, shop and enjoy some winter treats.

Be sure to watch out for the Christmas Elf Kilian as he flies across the Market three times a day in his mini sleigh – a sight not to be missed by children or adults!

Christmas Market

Holstenplatz – The original Christmas Market since 1973

The Holstenplatz Christmas market will be running for the 45th year and guests can expect an even more special Christmas, as many upgrades have been made to the huts and the market now offers an innovative light display!

Take a relaxed stroll around the stalls displaying unique handmade gifts to take home for loved ones, and why not taste some of the many traditional delicacies – why not try some glühwein, surrounded by the twinkling Christmas lights, to warm up.

Christmas Market


The Christmas market in Asmus-Bremer-Platz is a difficult one to miss with its magical decorations and the 12.5 meter Christmas pyramid feature in the centre of the market. This is a popular meeting spot, with any photo opportunities and chances to grab a tasty meal and socialise over a drink.

From roasting pig on a spit to French nougat and international delicacies, you will be able to find something that entices your tastebuds.

Kiel, Germany

Things to do

Kiel Castle Kiel Castle is popular tourist attraction and there's plenty to see and do inside its walls. The castle is home to a museum, as well as a cafe and gift shop. Visitors can also explore the castle's grounds, which include a garden and a lake.

Kiel Maritime Museum Kiel Maritime Museum celebrates the maritime history of the area, features exhibitions on fishing, shipbuilding, and navigation. The museum also has a planetarium and hosts regular lectures and workshops.

Kiel’s Museum Bridge The Museum Bridge crosses the Kiel Fjord and is a popular spot for sightseeing. The bridge is open to pedestrians and cyclists only and offers great views of the cityscape and surrounding nature. Perfect to take a moment to yourself away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

Zoological Museum Kiel The Zoological Museum is one of the oldest natural history museum in the whole of Germany and goes back to the 17th century! It is now one of the most significant zoological research institutes and there are many exhibitions to show the range of history to present day.

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