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Explore Frankfurt – One of Germany's biggest cities

A guide to Visiting Frankfurt

Frankfurt is one of Germany’s most popular cities for visitors, owing in large to the fact that it is one of the world’s leading financial centres, as well as a major transport hub for Europe. It is also a popular location for festivals and events each year, playing host to the largest book, music and car festivals anywhere in the world.

Frankfurt Germany

Culture in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is home to many gothic masterpieces, such as the Cathedral of Saint Bartholomew which was constructed in the 14th or 15th century, on the site of a church from Merovingian times. St Paul’s Church is a national historic monument in Germany with great political symbolism, as it was the seat of the first democratically elected parliament in 1849. The Opera House is also worth a visit - it was rebuilt in the 1970s after sustaining heavy damage during World War II and is now one of the city’s most beautiful public buildings.

Frankfurt city, Germany
Shopping in Frankfurt

Shopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt is a great place to go shopping. The MyZeil mall was built recently in a huge, imposing vaulted-glass structure which has an abundance of shops. As well as this, Frankfurt is home to many famous shopping streets such as Goethestraße; Frankfurt's most expensive shopping street with stores stocking prestigious brand names such as Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Cartier. Kaiserstraße is one of the best-known streets in Frankfurt and considered one of the most beautiful because of its impressive, Gründerzeit-style buildings.

Museums in Frankfurt Germany

Museums in Frankfurt

One of Frankfurt’s most famous qualities, however, is its dedication to museums. With museums dedicated to architecture, art old and new, film, archaeology and Jewish history, as well as one of the largest natural history museums in Germany (the Senckenberg), there’s something for you no matter your interest.

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