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Hamburg, not only one of Europe’s commercial capitals since the Middle Ages, also plays host to a buzzing live and electronic music scene along its beautiful harbour.

Expect a wide variety of activities and little quirks like early morning markets and multicultural eateries. As a classic maritime city, you’ll also never be too far from the sanative cawing of gulls or the gentle lapping of water.

Hamburg Culture

Culture in Hamburg

You can wander around the Internationales Maritimes Museum where Hamburg’s seafaring past is preserved.

A revamped shipping warehouse and a cabinet of curiosities, the museum also holds the world’s largest private collection of maritime treasures, including an astonishing 26,000 model ships.

If you’d also like to experience the culture first hand, there’s the Illuminated Hamburg City Tour and Evening Cruise to entertain you.

City of Hamburg, Germany

Things to do in Hamburg

The Red Double Decker Bus can take you for a ride to the serene Outer Alster Lake, followed by a wonderful boat cruise, sipping sparkling wine and bathing in the twinkling light of Hamburg after dark.

Alternatively, if you’d like an excuse to stay up all Saturday night, every Sunday from 5-10am there’s a lively market called the Fischmarkt in St Pauli. Look forward to the songs of boisterous Marktschreier (market criers), happily hawking their wares, as well as a catalogue of classic German pop played by live bands in the adjacent Fischauktionshalle (Fish Auction Hall).

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