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Around 35 km away from Heida, is the safari park - SERENGETI - another source of adventure for the whole family. More than 1,500 wild animals are walking freely around the area and more than 40 different attractions and performances await you in the park.

The total park area is 200 hectares and you can drive around by car. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants throughout the park to relax. For lovers of active rest, the park has attractions both in the water and on the ground. Every time you visit, you'll find a different attraction, from newborn animal performances to different kinds of excursions. For those who want to relax next to the wildlife, there is a hotel in the park.

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Africa in Europe

If you're traveling through the safari by car, take the opportunity to feed giraffes or other exotic animals directly through your window. Remember to be brave and generous, otherwise the long-necked ones will take your food without hesitation - even from far away. But don't expect to be able to feed or even open the windows when you enter the "jungle king's" territory...

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Opening dates: 30th March to 3rd November 2019

Ticket prices per day: Adults - 34.50 EUR
Children (3-12 years) - 27.50 EUR
Disabled people - 17 EUR, accompanying person - 17 EUR
Bus travel - 5.50 EUR

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