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Seaside resorts and beautiful landscapes

Since the arrival of the ferry to Newhaven, a few tens of kilometers separate the cycle tourists from Brighton. One of the most famous beaches of England is there, near chic buildings reflecting the Regency era. Lovers of the coasts will be able to choose another route, to Eastbourne, with undeniable Victorian charm, which will also make them see the mythical cliffs of this part of the English coast, in the natural park of Seven Sisters. Going back to London, the bike ride continues via the Cuckoo Trail, a typical East Sussex tree-lined path leading to Heathfield. The Green Avenue then takes the path of East Grinstead, following the route of an old railway, in a rather hilly country territory.

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From East Grinstead Station, Green Avenue follows the course of the former Worth Way Railway. On the way to London, the town of Reigate, with its windmills, gives this cycling hike the air of a Dutch walk ... In the area, the Paris-London bike path crosses the Gatwick international airport, before the arrival in the suburbs of the English capital. Then the ultimate stage of the trip, London reveals all its charms in a few pedal strokes. From Spitalfields shops to street food stalls in Borough Market, not to mention Tower Bridge, Westminster or Hyde Park, much of London is, thanks to Green Avenue, within reach of any motivated amateur cyclist!

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History of Avenue Vert

This magnificent cycle path was officially inaugurated in 2012 to coincide with the London Olympic Games, but its history goes back much further. The route takes in old disused railway lines and towpaths that bear witness to the region's rich industrial and waterway past.

Today, the Avenue Verte is a haven of peace for cyclists, walkers and nature lovers. It passes through superb landscapes, from lush green forests to agricultural plains, passing through picturesque villages and remarkable historic sites. Cycling the Avenue Verte is both a journey back in time and an invitation to discover the hidden treasures of our heritage. So get on your bike and let yourself be carried away by the magic of this legendary route!

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