Breathtaking nature of Norway

Norway, Låtefossen

Breathtaking nature in Norway

The enchanting touch of Norwegian nature has probably been felt by everyone who has ever visited or traveled around the country. To be surrounded by Norwegian nature and absorb the full beauty of the environment, you need to spend enough time so that the beautiful images of nature do not disappear from memory. We will provide some information about the beautiful nature of Norway that could inspire and help you plan future trips.

Norway, Stegastein

Stegastein observation deck

Built over the Aurlandsfjord, the year-round Stegastein observation deck is an architectural attraction in itself. The wooden observation deck with a glass fence is 13 meters high, installed at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. Because the site is above the fjord, you will be able to feel like you are gliding over the vast expanses of nature. Stegastein observation deck offers breathtaking views of the fjord and mountains. The Stegastein observation deck is part of the national tourist route from Aurland to Lærdal, known as The Snow Road.

Norway, Ornesvingen geirangerfjorden

Ornesvingen Observation Deck

The name of Ornevegen is known as the steepest section of road No. 63 from Geiranger to Eidsdal. After 11 loop-shaped bends, you will reach the Ornesvingen Observation Deck, where you can enjoy stunning views of Geiranger, Geiranger Fjord, the 410-meter-high Seven Sisters Waterfall and Knivsflå Mountain Farms. In addition, from the observation deck you can explore the many cruise ships sailing in the fjord area.

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Norway, Trolltunga


Trolltunga (Troll's tongue) protrudes horizontally from a cliff about 700 meters and is located at 1100 m above sea level in Skjeggedal, above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. This "tongue" is a stone block that was once separated from Mount Skjeggedal. Legend has it that there was a troll that could not get out into the light of day, and when he disobeyed, the troll's tongue froze in the sun. The hike from Skjeggedal’s car park to Trolltunga is a long and difficult challenge, and with the return it takes 8-12 hours, but reaching the summit is definitely worth it for all the views of the fjord and Folgefonn Glaciers. Regardless of the season, it is recommended to go on a hike with an experienced guide.

Norway, Steindalsfossen

Steinsdalsfossen waterfall

The Steinsdalsfossen waterfall, formed in 1699 by a change of riverbed, is located in Hordaland County by the Hardanger Fjord. Steinsdalsfossen is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway and was a popular destination 100 years ago, during the reign of German Emperor Wilhelm II, who visited this waterfall every year until the First World War. The volume of water falling from the 50 m high waterfall is biggest in May-June, when the snow melts in the mountains. During this period, you can walk behind the waterfall as if behind a curtain of water without getting wet clothes.

There is a hiking trail from the car park to the waterfall, which leads to an observation deck with wonderful views of the waterfall and the valley.

Norway, Gudvangen


The old Viking village of Gudvangen was an important meeting place in Viking times. Gudvangen has been a popular tourist destination for more than a century, when cruise ships began sailing to the city, and local people were engaged in transporting tourists by horseback to the hotel on the steep Stallheim road. Gudwangen is located in the UNESCO-listed Nærøyfjorden, which offers wonderful views of the valley and the fjord. In addition, Gudvangen is a good starting point for hiking in the mountains, where trails allow you to reach all the way to the edge of the mountain and look at the fjord from an altitude of about 1,000 meters. The Rimstigen Trail begins in the village of Bakka, 5 km from Goodwangen, which takes at least 2 hours to reach the top of the mountain.

Norway, Preikestolen


Preikestolen is located in Rogland County. It is a rock that rises 604 meters above the Lysefjorden. A plateau about 25 * 25 m in size at the top of the rock creates the impression as if it were cut out of the rock with a knife. It was formed by the expansion of ice about 10,000 years ago, when frozen water in the cracks of the mountain broke the large blocks of stone brought by the glacier. Formerly known as Hyvlatånnå, the plateau was known as a tourist attraction in the Lyse Fjord. The first tourist climbed to the top of Preikestolen only in 1900, and since then this place has become a tourist attraction. The plateau can be reached by following an 8 km long hiking trail starting from the Prekjulen Fjellstue mountain hut. The hike requires enough preparation as some places on the trail are steep, but it is definitely worth coming to this place for its breathtaking views.

Norway, Trollstigen


Trollstigen is the most visited tourist route in Norway, which since its opening in the late 1940s has become a real tourist attraction. The zigzag-shaped mountain road has a total of 11 loop-shaped bends leading to the top of Stigrøra, 858 m above sea level. Each bend in the route has its own name, often named after the person who supervised the construction work on a particular branch.

Historically, Trollstigen was an important road between the Valdal and Romsdalen valleys in Indre Sunnmøre and the village of Åndalsnes. In winter, the road is closed and, depending on the amount of snow in the surrounding mountains, the road reopens in late May or early June. Trollstigen is surrounded by powerful mountains stretching for more than 1,600 meters. To the west of the road are the mountains of Bispen (1450 m), Kongen (1614 m) and Dronninga (1701 m), to the east are Stigbottshornet (1583 m) and Mount Storgrovfjell (1629 m). On the Trollstigen road you can not only ride, but also walk. This can be done on both the old mountain trail and the hiking trail.

Norway, Reine-lofoten

Reine village in the Lofoten archipelago

The Lofoten Archipelago in northern Norway is known for its small fishing villages and rich nature, and fishing has become the main reason why people lived in the area.

The rich landscape of the region is ideal for hiking and skiing, as well as fishing and surfing - Lofoten is one of the northernmost favorite places for surfers. From late May to mid-July, you can see the midnight sun, and from September to mid-April, the Northern Lights. One of the most popular attractions in the region is the Reine fishing village, chosen as the most beautiful village in Norway. Next to the village is Mount Reinebringen (448 m high), on the top of which you can admire the views by climbing a stone staircase (1560 steps).

In these fishing villages you will be able to see traditional seasonal Norwegian fishing huts called rorbu (these are houses built on the ground, but some of them extend to poles in the water to gain access to fishing boats). Today, rorbu is mostly used to accommodate tourists.

Norway, Kinsarvik


The village of Kinsarvik in Westland County is located on the Hardangerfjord and has been considered an important place since Viking times due to its location. Kinsarvik is located in the Husedalen Valley, and this area is suitable for both shorter and longer hikes.

On the way from Kinsarvik to Hardangervidda, the largest mountain plateau in Northern Europe, at an altitude of 1,600 m, there are 4 waterfalls close to each other, enchanting with their beauty and power, which are simply impossible to pass through: Tveitafossen with great noise and force from a height of 103 m, Nyastolfossen, whose water falls from a height of 115 m, Nykkjesoyfossen, whose water falls from a height of 60 m, and Sotefossen, whose water falls from a height of 246 m.


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