Norefjell - Norway


Norefjell resort og spa - Norway

Norefjell skicenter – just 1,5 hours drive from Oslo

Close to Oslo you will find Norefjell Ski Center. Norefjell has a bit of everything - for all ages and all levels, and the short car from Oslo makes Norefjell the perfect destination for short ski weekends and week-long holidays. The ski center has a children's area and ski school for beginners, while the seasoned skiers can look forward to a full 32 km. slopes and perfect off-piste terrain. In addition, the area offers Northern Europe's largest drop of over 1,000 meters from the mountain top to the lake.

Norefjell - Norway

Children's area and ski school

Norefjell is Norway's nicest ski center, and here awaits lots of good skiing experiences for the family's youngest and beginners. In Norefjell you will find a large selection of slopes and with as many as 3 children's areas, Norefjell is created for ski-loving children. You will find beginner areas at the top at Norefjell Ski and Spa and in the valley. Throughout the ski area, you may be lucky enough to come across the mascot, Nore Rein, who has both his own activity program and children's menu in the restaurant at Norefjell Ski and Spa.

Norefjell - Norway

Skiing for everyone

In winter, Norefjell is a slaraffenland for ski-loving guests. Whatever type of skiing you prefer, this is the place to be. In the area, 30 slopes of all levels of difficulty await, with the longest being as much as 6 km. And with a drop of more than 1,000 m., There is ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views and fresh mountain air while speeding across the field. Norefjell also has a fun park and cross-country ski trails, and the area is perfect for off-piste skiing for daredevils.

Norefjell - Norway

Cross country

If you need a break from skiing and adrenaline, Norefjell offers fantastic nature and snowy landscape, and no less than 6 restaurants spread throughout the area. Here you can get extra energy for the day and warm up with a cup of hot cocoa before you are ready to ski again.

Norefjell also offers approx. 200 km. cross-country skiing, where the trip goes in through the beautiful landscape along slopes in hilly terrain. A beautiful trip that proves that it is certainly not without reason that experts have named Norefjell one of Norway's best cross-country skiing destinations.

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