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Discover Aberdeen, a major city in Scotland

Aberdeen is Scotland's third largest city on the North Sea coast. The port city is famous for its granite quarry. The beautiful statues and monuments that you find in Aberdeen are also often made of granite. The city also has the nickname "Granite City" for this reason. Especially in combination with other places in Scotland, Aberdeen is really worth a visit. Aberdeen is the perfect place to stop for a few days during your trip through Scotland.


Enjoy both city and nature

Aberdeen is a city with a rich history. You will find old universities, monuments and neighborhoods such as the Victorian Heritage Trail and other beautiful and favorite places that the Royal family once visited and still visits.

Aberdeen is also a modern city. You can go shopping and relax in the restaurants and pubs. The Cairngroms National Park is just over an hour's drive from Aberdeen. Enjoy the beautiful nature here or opt for one of the many outdoor activities.


Sights in Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a city with innovative architecture, a beautiful coastline and lots of greenery. You will find no fewer than 45 parks in the city. The charming city has two old city centers. The first old city center is Old Aberdeen with its cobblestone streets. This is where Aberdeen's first university was founded in 1495. The university is housed in beautiful old buildings and is one of the oldest universities in Scotland. The second old center is called Footdee, also called Fittie by the locals. This is a fisherman's neighborhood on the water. A quirky neighborhood with picturesque streets and colorfully painted houses.

Aberdeen is not only a historic city, but also a relaxed and modern city. The city has a wealth of shopping streets, bars, restaurants and clubs. Even if you like shopping, eating out and partying during a city trip, you're in the right place in Aberdeen.

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