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Cycling in Scotland with DFDS
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The best cycle routes in Scotland

Scotland is a beautiful country to explore by bike. With its vast landscapes, beautiful coasts and historic towns, there is much for cycling enthusiasts to discover. A great way to discover this is to combine it with a ferry crossing with DFDS. We offer several trips to Scotland where you can take your bike on board. We would like to introduce you to some of the most beautiful cycling routes in Scotland.

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North Coast 500

The first bike route we can recommend is the North Coast 500, also known as the NC500. It is a 500 mile (approx. 800 km) route that runs along the Scottish coast. It offers beautiful views of the coast, lakes and mountains. The Bealach Na Ba mountain pass, for example, is a tough climb, but the breath taking views at 625 feet make it worth it. The route begins and ends in Inverness, passing historic villages, castles and stunning countryside. Travel on the DFDS ferry from IJmuiden to Newcastle, from where you can sail to Inverness in a matter of hours and start this beautiful route.

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Hebridean Way cycle route

Another absolutely worthwhile cycle route is the Hebridean Way. It is a 300km route linking the Scottish Hebrides Islands. The route passes beautiful coastlines, rugged mountains and historic sites. For example, the islands of Lewis and Harris have beautiful beaches and the historic Callanish Stones, a collection of standing stones. These stones predate Stonehenge and are an important historical site. On arrival in Newcastle drive to Ullapool where you can take the ferry to the Hebrides.

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Fife Coastal Route

A third cycling route that you should definitely consider is the Fife Coastal Route. This 110km route follows the east coast of Scotland and offers beautiful views of the sea and historic sites. It begins in Kincardine and ends in Newburgh. Along the way you will pass castles, forts and historic towns. This includes St Andrews, a historic university town and home of the famous Old Course golf course. The city has a beautiful cathedral and castle ruins, as well as a picturesque harbor and beautiful beaches. From Newcastle you can reach Kincardine in a few hours, where this route begins.

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Cycle route Caledonia Way

This is a 380km route running from Campbeltown in the south to Inverness in the north. The route runs along the west coast of Scotland and offers beautiful views of the sea and mountains. Along the way you will pass historic villages, castles and beautiful lakes such as the famous Loch Ness. It's a great place to stop, relax and maybe even see Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster. From Newcastle, continue to Campbeltown, where this wonderful cycle tour begins.

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