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Scottish gardens are often divided into two parts. In the "Formal Garden" the trees and shrubs are cut into shapes or a "Walled Garden" which is surrounded by high walls. The other much larger part of the "Estates" consists of beautiful old deciduous trees, isolated or as groups in the middle of rich, green, typical "English" lawn. Many beautiful gardens belong to private houses, which make their gardens accessible to the public only once a year. If you happen to be there at the right time and you have the opportunity to visit such a private garden, then you should not miss this opportunity.


Drummond Castle Gardens - Crieff

Drummond Castle Gardens is one of Britain's most beautiful formal gardens, blending French and Italian influences. Overlooked by Drummond Castle and connected to it by a series of terraces, the impressive garden has a wealth of design. Among others, a St. Andrew's Cross, in the middle of which stands a unique sundial from the 17th century. Enjoy the peace and variety of plants and flowers in this great garden. It's best to combine your stay with a visit to Drummond Castle and spend a great day dedicated to old lords and ladies.


Royal Botanic Garden - Edinburgh

With beautiful views of Scotland's capital, enjoy the spring and summer colors, the magnificent rock garden, woodland garden, the arboretum and stunning perennial borders of the Royal Botanic Garden. There is also a Chinese garden with white-water canyons, greenhouses with temperate and tropical plants, some of which are over 200 years old, and Britain's tallest palm house. Enjoy the biodiversity and discover new plants.

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