Great Glen


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The Great Glen is a tectonic fault running in the middle of Scotland that divides the Highlands into the Grampian Mountains and the Northwest Highlands. Over 100 km in length, the fault extends from Inverness to Loch Linnhe. Overall, the valley bottom is covered by three lakes - Loch Ness is probably the best known of all. There are also Loch Oich and Loch Lochy. Through rivers like the Oich, the lakes are connected and lead at Fort William in the inlet of Loch Linnhe. Through the Glen Gran glacier, which moved across the valley, a breathtaking natural scenery has been created attracting many visitors.


Great Glen Way through the Highlands

Across the Scottish Highlands runs the Great Glen Way, a hiking and trekking path with different sections and difficulty levels. From Inverness to Fort William, the Great Glen Way runs parallel to the Caledonian Canal. All the water sports you can imagine are available on the different lakes you'll come across - best known is Loch Ness near Inverness where you can still search for the monster Nessi. Visit one of the many castles and ancient ruins that you will see on the way or just enjoy the view from afar. A total of 117 km, the trail runs through the great nature of the Highlands of Scotland.

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