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Loch Ness

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A must for any Scottish holiday

Scotland's most famous lake is up to 300m deep and at 56 km² in size, it's the second largest lake in Scotland. It is one of Scotland's most popular attractions, and not just because of Nessie! Loch Ness is a natural paradise: fishing, countless hiking trails along the lake and of course you can take a boat trip. Who knows, maybe you'll meet Nessie too! The supposedly first sighting of the monster was 565 - however, the description from a couple of Nessie in 1933 is more likely. After a report was printed in the local newspaper, the myth was born and Loch Ness became a pilgrimage destination for the adventurous and amateur scientists. Learn more about Nessie at the Loch Ness Center & Exhibition in Drumnadrochit.

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Urquhart Castle at Loch Ness

Urquhart Castle is more of a castle ruin than a castle, but no less interesting! In the 6th century, miracles were performed here by the saint Columban and since the construction in the 13th century Urquhart Castle has experienced various lords of the castle: during the wars of independence they were alternately Englishmen and Scotsmen, in the 15th century the clan of the MacDonalds Sir Duncan and his grandson John brought peace to the region. In 1691, the castle was even blown up to protect the Jacobins. This eventful history can be experienced first hand at Urquhart Castle. For those who are not interested in history and castles, a visit is still worthwhile - the view from Urquhart Castle on Loch Ness is breathtaking and with the lake in the background it's a great photo opportunity.

Image Credit: VisitScotland - Kenny Lam

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