Motorcycle in Scotland


Motorcycle holiday in Scotland

Experience the feeling of freedom on a motorbike tour in Scotland - endless back roads and hidden paths lead you across the country. One of the most impressive routes meanders from Inverness over 800 km along the north coast of the Highlands - the North Coast 500 is also known as Scotland's answer to Route 66. There are a total of 12 National Tourist Routes in Scotland. They are the ideal alternative to the main roads and run through some of the most breathtaking sceneries Scotland has to offer. Just follow the brown and white signs to the sights and attractions along the way.


Explore the Highlands

From the Scottish Borders it goes directly into the Highlands, where a motorcycle tour through Scotland should definitely start. The Highlands are known for their unclouded nature and breathtaking scenery. In the small villages that are scattered all over the Highlands, you will find typical and quaint accommodations, which usually do not necessarily have to be expensive. Try the national dish, haggis, washed down with a delicious glass of whiskey and let the Scotts welcome you.


Scotland's fascinating nature

Nature in Scotland is always breathtaking! On your motorbike trip you drive through these unique landscapes. Especially recommended is the Cairngorms National Park with extensive forests, rugged mountains and thunderous waterfalls. Right and left of the path you will come across the characteristic lakes and valleys. One of the most impressive valleys is Great Glen, also called Glen More. It lies between Fort William and Inverness, here Loch Linnhe, Loch Lochy, Loch Oich and Loch Ness line up. Also visit the traditional whiskey distilleries along the Malt Whiskey Trail in the heart of Speyside.


Island hopping on the west coast

The next stop on your route should be the Scottish Islands. Island hopping is easy with the local ferries. For a little money, you can get from island to island as comfortably. From Oban you can reach the Isle of Mull, from Ullapool the island of Lewis and from Mallaig the Isle of Skye. Note: There are special tickets that allow you to use multiple ferries to travel and connect the various islands. On the islands you will find a unique natural environment, beautiful beaches and castles - some of which are even included in the list of World Heritage Sites: Beaumaris Castle (Isle of Anglesey) and the medieval buildings on St Kilda.


A trip to the cities of Scotland

A motorcycle trip through Scotland, of course, is the most fun on the road. But don't forget that Scotland also has exciting cities such as Edinburgh, Glasgow and Stirling, which are certainly worth a visit. Edinburgh has a vibrant nightlife, great restaurants and pubs - and of course Edinburgh Castle. The city has many small streets with cafes, pubs and whiskey shops, which you should definitely explore and where you feel transported to another time. From there it is only a stone's throw to Stirling, from where you can drive directly into the Highlands.

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