Peebles in the Scottish Borders

Only 40 km south of Edinburgh, the small town of Peebles is located in a breathtaking scenery. The picturesque architecture bears witness to an eventful history - walk in the footsteps of the past on a guided tour or wander west along the riverbank to the former fortification Neidpath Castle. Throughout the year, many art galleries and craft shops, as well as various outdoor activities invite tourists visit Peebles. In summer, there are some major events, such as the Beltane Festival or the Peebles Art Festival, not to mention the widespread Highland Games.

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Leaderfoot Viaduct at Melrose

One of the top attractions in the Scottish Borders is the Leaderfoot Viaduct near the town of Melrose. In 1865, the 35-meter high railway bridge was inaugurated and was for a long time one of two railway bridges over the river Tweed. Although there are no more trains here today, the listed bridge is worth a visit anyway. There is an idyllic hiking trail that will bring you close to the riverbank, very close to the viaduct, so that you can take in this impressive structure in its full size. On the way there are always great views of the bridge. Amateur photographers will get their money's worth.


Crichton Castle

What would Scotland be without its castles and palaces? Distributed throughout the country, the impressive buildings can be found and on the northern edge of the Scottish Borders is the beautiful Crichton Castle. You have to take a small walk to admire the remarkable castle ruins up close but you'll be rewarded with a beautiful and original landscape next to the castle itself. Allow plenty of time to explore all corners of the castle and the grounds in peace. But beware...legend has it that the ghost of William Crichton, the son of the original owner, haunts one of the buildings.


Smailholm Tower & Scott's View

Near the small town of Kelso, the Scottish Borders have a special attraction - The Smailholm Tower. Since 2007, the tower has been awarded the title of Five-Star Attraction - a distinction that has so far only been shared with eight other attractions in Scotland. The imposing tower was built towards the end of the 15th century and is still so well preserved that you can visit it from the inside. Go up to the battlements - the view from there is simply stunning! Speaking of great views: plan a stop at the nearby Scott's View - you mustn't miss the view over the beautiful landscape of the Scottish Borders.

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