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Stirling - the little Edinburgh

Stirling will delight you with its medieval old town with the highlight being the big Stirling Castle. Stirling is often compared to Edinburgh for its picturesque cobblestone streets and majestic castle overlooking the city. Part of the magic and uniqueness of the city lies in its history - here Braveheart came to life, William Wallace defeated the English at the Battle of the Stirling Bridge and Robert the Bruce won at the Battle of Bannockburn.

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Attractions in the area

Visit Stirling Castle and the Royal Palace, home to the largest ballroom built in medieval Scotland. The guided city tours, which hint at the dark past of the city exude a very special flair. Other attractions include the Stirling Smith Art & Gallery Museum, 17th-century stately homes and the impressive 15th-century St Rude Church. Also visit the National Wallace Monument, which commemorates the glorious victories of William Wallcae. The Argyll's Lodge, a romantic Renaissance building is also worth a few photos.


Culinary Stirling

Why not try some traditional beers at the Brewery Visitor Center? Enjoy and discover the flavors of Scottish beers and earn souvenirs for friends at home.As a tourist stronghold, Stirling also has a lot to offer foodies with numerous pubs, restaurants and cafes open to visitors. Enjoy an ale in the "Setle Inn", an ancient pub in the heart of the city, or experience Scottish home-cooked food at "The Topps Farm", where everything is still made by hand.

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Shopping in Stirling

In Stirling every shopping heart is satisfied. In addition to the typical shopping centers, with international brands, Stirling also offers many alternatives to shopping such as pottery and ceramic goods. If you prefer to shop in a covered shop, you should visit the Thistle Center wgere there is everything for the shopping fan. Small handmade and antique shops can be found in the Stirling Arcaden, which itself is worth a visit. On weekends there are regular markets where you can find products from the region as well as beautiful souvenirs for those who stayed at home.

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