The costs for a corporate event

How much does it cost to hold corporate events and events at dfds?

Are you going on BusinessCruise with a demanding professional content? Hold a company party or just want a break from everyday life with a day meeting in a maritime setting?

The prices depend on the customers' needs, so it is important to find out whether you are planning a BusinessCruise, party, team building or day meeting.

Kim Fuglsang is Head of Business Sales at DFDS for Denmark and Sweden. On a daily basis, he advises business customers on how a BusinessCruise works and not least what it costs.

“We have the facilities to solve any task for business customers. Before we talk about prices, we talk about needs, as the purpose of their meeting, conference or event, in addition to the company's budget, defines the price, ”says Kim Fuglsang.

Maybe you belong to the majority who choose a BusinessCruise. You have set aside the days that the crossing takes because you have a conference or event ahead of you. And most often in combination with an activity in Oslo / Copenhagen. Either of a social nature or visits to a sister company or headquarters. You therefore have special requirements for accommodation and healthy meeting catering, because the meeting participants must be fresh and well-rested.

Otherwise, you may belong to the second largest group, who just want to have fun. It is more important to eat well and be together, because it is Christmas, summer party or the company fills up, than how you sleep. In this context, eating well and drinking some good wine is perhaps more important than healthy meeting catering.

It may also be that you count the small crowd who prefer to get off before the ship drops anchor in Copenhagen's North Harbor / Oslo Harbor, but would like to use the ship's professional conference facilities and different meeting environment for a day meeting.

BusinessCruises, company parties and day meetings. Three different options for three different customer types with different price ranges and an almost endless sea of options.

You get them here.

It may also be that you count the small crowd who prefer to get off before the ship drops anchor in Copenhagen's North Harbor / Oslo Harbor, but would like to use the ship's professional conference facilities and different meeting environment for a day meeting.

BusinessCruises, company parties and day meetings. Three different options for three different customer types with different price ranges and an almost endless sea of options.

You get them here.

DFDS BusinessCruise  - deck


Do you want to hold a meeting or conference that is a little out of the ordinary? Then take the Oslo boat from Copenhagen, and experience an exciting alternative to the traditional conference centers.

Do you want to increase the results and sharpen the relations at the next business meeting, conference and company event? Our modern and spacious ships offer unique and unforgettable surroundings for all kinds of business meetings, conferences and corporate events.


We start with the most common solution, where you get a cruise round trip in a 2-bed cabin, usually without a window. You get an evening and breakfast buffet both ways and three hours of access to meeting and conference rooms, which include a meeting room with sea views and service-minded conference managers, as well as free access to hot and cold drinks, water, fresh fruit, sweet and salty.

But usually it gets a little more. For most companies that go on BusinessCruise, have an opinion about accommodation and choose the single cabin.

You're just more likely to sleep better when you're not listening to your roommate's snoring.

There are a total of 28 different cabin types to choose from - and including different versions - and the price difference between the cheapest cabin without a window to the cheapest with a window is around DKK 500.

The price difference from the cheapest single cabin without window round trip to a Commodore De Lux single cabin round trip is DKK 3,100.

If you want the Commodore Owners Suite single cabin round trip, the price difference is NOK 4,300.

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Conference facilities always include:

  • Flexible meeting rooms with sea views
  • Auditorium with room for 210 people
  • Large screens with Apple TV
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cold and hot drinks, fruit, sweet and salty
  • Service-minded conference manager
  • Price 3 hours: DKK 119 per. person
  • For similar performance in new VIP meeting rooms with break out rooms, where furniture can be moved and create dynamism in the room. (Capacity 24 people and 12 people respectively.)
  • Price 3 hours: DKK 199.

What are your needs?

Next, there will automatically be a series of questions that must be answered in order to provide a final price:

  • How should you be cared for?
  • Should you, for example. have tapas in the form of mingle menu or sandwiches for the meeting because there is no time for scheduled breaks?
  • Should there be a party menu the last night instead of a buffet?
  • How many hours do you want to book the conference rooms?
  • Should the VIP feeling be turned up and events planned with your own exclusive meeting and dinner at a gourmet restaurant?
  • For everything can be done within a price range of DKK 1,000 to DKK 5-6,000 per. person.

What does meeting catering cost?

  • Snacks and snacks in the conference rooms. Select ml. 12 different. 35-69 kr.
  • Breakfast in the conference rooms. Select ml. 5 different. 75-209 kr.
  • Breakfast in the restaurants. Select ml. 4 different. Incl. 1 water / beer / wine DKK 139-249.
  • All prices are per. person.

__The average price of reality __

  • “We talk a lot with the customers about when the most important thing happens during the trip. Is it on arrival or the day after? Do you need lunch and other meals during the conference? Maybe you are one of those who do not go ashore in Oslo / Copenhagen because you want to continue the conference or meeting and therefore require lunch twice. We must have clarified all that in order to be able to give a price, because the right price follows the purpose of the company event, ”says Kim Fuglsang.
  • And once you have clarified this, you can actually hit an average price of DKK 2,500 for BusinessCruise. For that price you get:
  • A good night's sleep in a single cabin with sea views
  • Company menu 3-course meal in Blue Riband. The ship's restaurant is reserved for corporate guests
  • Breakfast
  • 2x meeting catering, ie. breakfast and snacks
  • 6 hours in meeting room with technical equipment, help from service-minded conference managers, use of AV equipment, conference manager, coffee, tea, etc.

5% of DFDS 'business customers choose to fly home from Oslo by plane

  • 1x3-course company menu incl. 1. beer / water / glass of wine
  • 1 night in a 2-person cabin without window
  • 1 x breakfast buffet
  • Meeting rooms with sea views and 3 hour conference
  • Price: 1134 kr.
  • If DFDS arranges flights for you, the price is an extra DKK 650.

2. Company party

Christmas lunch, summer party, a launch, something to celebrate, anniversaries or kick off. There are many good reasons to party on board because you have time together.

And you can also easily keep it on, because when there is a party, it hardly matters so much how we sleep. Most corporate party customers tend to worry less about sharing a room when going to bed late anyway.

But what about the welcome drink and avecen for coffee?

DFDS can knit many different party packages together. The package that most customers use looks like this:

  • Welcome drink
  • 3-course banquet incl. the ship's wine ad libitum and coffee with avec
  • Evening buffet incl. 1 piece. the ship's beer, a glass of wine or soda
  • 2 x breakfast buffet
  • 2 x overnight stay in an internal standard cabin
  • Price: DKK 2,100.

It can also be varied according to your needs and wishes. Maybe with free bar on top? Here, the ship has a bronze, silver and gold version of the free bar concept every 3 hours:


The ship's draft beer, the ship's red and white wine, standard drinks with 3 cl. vodka, gin, rum and whiskey, soft drinks.

Price per. person for 3 hours: DKK 350.

__Silver __

Content from Bronze package as well as Sancerre, Ripasso and the following drinks:

Sex on the Beach, Piña Colada, Tequila Sunrise and Daiquiri.

Price per. person for 3 hours: DKK 425.


Content from the Bronze and Silver package, quality beer from Braunstein and quality drinks with 6 cl. Gray Goose Vodka, Hendricks Gin, Havana Rom, Jack Daniels, Bacardi Razz, - and Limon, Captain Morgan Spiced and all drinks on the menu in addition to Long Island Ice Tea, Long Island Beach Tea, Ladykiller, Mojito Extreme.

Price per. person for 3 hours: DKK 550.

3. Day meetings

It is conducive to productivity to break everyday routines, and with a day meeting on a ship, you are far from off the beaten track.

Companies that choose to use the ship's conference rooms in Copenhagen's North Harbor / Port of Oslo do so because they are looking for a central and inspiring location for 2-6 hours. You can arrive at 10.15 at the earliest and must leave the table no later than 16.15.

The price is quite simple, because without accommodation the needs are correspondingly simple.

A classic day meeting costs DKK 375 and includes:

  • 3 hours rental of meeting room with AV equipment
  • Free access throughout the session for drinks and some fruit, sweet and sour for the palate
  • Breakfast buffet incl. 1 glass of beer / wine / water (min. 8 people)
  • If you need more time in the conference rooms, the price for 6 hours will be DKK 475 per person.

What do the cabins cost?

Standard Class

With and without window. Bunk beds with space for 1-5 people.
DKK 700 per person without window and DKK 1,600 per. person with window

Inside Commodore Class

Without window but furnished with double bed and TV. 1-2 people. DKK 1,600 per person.

__Commodore Class __

Luxuriously furnished with sea views, double bed and TV. DKK 2,600 per person.

Balcony, De Luxe and suites

1st class accommodation with different cabin types, which vary with the size of the room, balcony, associated living room / bedroom and jacuzzi either inside or outside and private terrace.

DKK 4,200, DKK 4,000 and DKK 5,000 per person.

E-bog -planlægger

It requires an overview to plan events, conferences, company parties and meetings. The success of your next event depends on whether the relationship between the good idea, details and planning is in balance.