Hiking - in Norway - VisitLillehammer photocredit: Ian Brodie

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Cycling in Norway -  VisitLillehammer photo Ian Brodie
Kittilbu in Norway -  VisitLillehammer photocredit: Ian Brodie

Stay comfortably in a hotel and see more of Norway

There is something completely unique about Norway and Norwegian nature. If you choose to travel here on holiday and stay in a hotel, you get the best of both worlds. First magical days with experiences in a class of their own, and then relaxation and waiting in quiet surroundings and a good night's sleep in a nice hotel bed.

With our packages you get a complete holiday with a boat trip both ways and overnight stays at either Gudbrandsgaard Hotel in Kvitfjell or Scandic Lillehammer. Then you are guaranteed both adventurous days and cozy evenings in Norway's magical nature.

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Travel conditions:
A booking surcharge of DKK 75 per person is added. total order online. In the event of a new order by telephone or personal inquiry, a service surcharge of DKK 150 per person is added.

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Skeikampen - Norway -  VisitLillehammer photocredit: Esben Haakenstad

Combine nature with experiences

If you and your family love holidays with unique experiences, a trip to Lillehammer, Hafjell, Kvitfjell or Skeikampen is for you. Regardless of the season, the Norwegian cities, which are only 2-3 hours north of Oslo, offer great experiences.

Whether you are into amusement parks, mountain biking or hiking, it is possible to have an exciting holiday. A toboggan ride in Lillehammer or a trip to Hunderfossen Adventure Park will be forgotten by the whole family, while Lilleputthammer in Hafjell, as the name implies, is a great experience for the little ones.

In the spring, summer or autumn, it is possible to try rafting, river boarding and canoeing on the Sjoa river in Gudbrandsdalen or go hiking in Kvitfjell and Skeikampen.

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