Skiing holiday

per person + supplement

Start skiing holiday on a ferry to Oslo

The annual skiing holiday is one of the family's highlights, so why not start your holiday the best way? Take your car on a ferry to Oslo and enjoy the sea trip. Have good food in the ship's restaurants, relax and enjoy our onboard entertainment for both children and adults.

When you get tired, have a good night's sleep in comfortable cabins so you are rested and ready to start your skiing holiday when you arrive in Oslo the next morning. From here, you can reach many well-known ski resorts in Norway or Sweden in just a couple of hours.

Excellent onboard facilities

Enjoy a meal onboard

Travel with your vehicle

No baggage restrictions

    Single or return trip

    Accommodation in standard economy cabin

    Take the car (max. 1.85m height) from 600, -

    Shown price is per person when travelling with 3 other people in the same cabin, one way on midweek days

Pearl - Oslofjord

Your Next Trip

  • 11:45 check-in opens – welcome!
  • 14:15 we sail and enjoy the day onboard

  • 09:15 the second day we arrive in Oslo
  • 11:45 check-in opens
  • 14:00 check-in closes
  • 14:15 the ship departs from Oslo

  • 09:15 the third day we arrive in Copenhagen

PLEASE NOTE: From February-April 2022 your departure time along with the time you have at your destination will be changed. These will apply for MiniCruises that depart on a Sunday or Tuesday and that begin the return trip the following Monday or Wednesday.

Video still - Women on copenhagen oslo cruise

Find cheapest price

You will find the lowest fares on departures on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays outside of school holidays.

The lowest starting price is 145,- per person with 4 people in the same cabin + car (max. 1.85 m).

  • Saturdays from 505,- per. person OR from 600,- per person with 4 people in the same cabin + car.
  • Weekend price for weeks 7 and 8 from 1,105,- OR from 600,- per person with 4 people in the same cabin + car.
Little Italy Restaurant onboard Copenhagen-Oslo

Start your ski-holiday on board

For many families, the ski holiday is the best tradition of the year. Unfortunately, it often offers a crowded car, long highways and many hours of boredom in the back seat. But luckily it doesn't have to be that way!

Start your skiing holiday on the Oslo boat, and let us transport you easily and safely to Norway. That way you save both petrol and kilometers, and the whole family is entertained along the way. The children can look forward to fun games together, while mom and dad refuel in the tax free shop. In the evening, the whole family can enjoy a cozy dinner with sea views in one of the restaurants on board. When fatigue sets in, the cabin is ready for a good night's sleep, so you arrive rested in Oslo the next morning - ready for further skiing adventures.

Onboard experience

Tax-free shopping onboard Copenhagen-Oslo


As you sail between Denmark and Norway why not enjoy a bit of tax-free shopping?

Travel guide

Skiing in Scandinavia

Ski holiday

SKI HOLIDAYS IN NORWAY Norway is among the Danes' favorite ski destination, because the country offers world-class slopes when the family goes skiing. Here you are guaranteed beautiful nature experiences, and the varied tar invites you to fun days in the snow, regardless of your level. Many well-known ski resorts, such as Hemsedal, Hafjell, Trysil and Geilo, are only a few hours' drive from Oslo.

Read more about ski holidays in Norway here

SKI HOLIDAYS IN SWEDEN The Oslo boat is not only for skiers to Norway. In fact, several of the good ski resorts in Sweden are also only a few hours drive from the quay, where the Oslo boat is located. In Sweden you also get perfect surroundings for skiing - and with DFDS you can easily grab the shortcut to e.g. the popular Sälen, Branäs or Kläppen.

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Thank you for voting and making us proud for more than 10 years in a row! Let’s sail the seas together with world class service!

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